Super-hot giant vintage tape echo

Matrix Synth featured this great story about FiveG, the expensive but goodie-packed Harajuku synth shop (previously linked here). The flickr set from the shop includes this picture of a weird-looking science-lab tape echo machine, making the normally cool Roland Space Echo above it look distinctly mundane. Their price list calls it a Philips Tape Echo (and it's ¥148,000 - £670) Anyone know anything about this unit? If you've got one to sell, I'm sure Goldfrapp want five of them for their next video...

i go to fiveG quite a lot. i've seen that unit in there a a few times, along with a tonne of other synths.
I'd never heard of this store, so I went there today. Loads of sweet stuff but I shit a brick at the prices and came home thoroughly depressed.
Proaudio Europe (ie Funky Junk) had one of those philips echo delay-type-things for sale last year I think. Can't remember whether it was their london or paris branch that held it.

Also ekadek (who also make custom tube gear in NZ) have a Philips tape echo (different model I think) in their studio.
God-dammit, they've got a memorymoog+ for £1600!!!!!!
I *so* want a memory moog.

Who ever took the pictures should be aware that the waves are 'PPG Waves' not 'waldorf ppg waves', grrr.
Hey anonymous, what time were you there? I was just in there today too, (around 1:30). I talked to the guy behind the cash-register for a little bit, and he was super nice.
I know everyone's been saying that 5g is super expensive and for certain things I suppose they are not the cheapest retailers.

However, I bought a mint condition MC-202 there about a month ago for 185GBP/275EUR which is a damn good price. Suck on *that*, EBAY.

They also sell system 100 modulars for about 670GBP/1000EUR! Try finding one at that price elsewhere. In fact, try finding one elsewhere.

I like 5g.

No 5G in America, I'm jealous. I would love to see a place like this. I know stuff like this exists in NYC (Rouge Music comes to mind) and the prices are pretty steep there too. I think stores like this can be as steep as they want. I mean, how many times can you walk in and see a mint MC-202 anywhere? If Interpol (the band not the Sweedes) walks in Rogue and sees one, they can afford to buy it. And that's exactly who places like this cater too.

It's the pawns like us that get stuck with M-Audio, Behringer and VSTi's! I mean, they didn't invent the soft synth for people with money...
mr shoontz...I was there at opening time today - yeah the guys there are very friendly and totally know their shit. You may have seen me I was the one banging the shit out of one of the three Matrix 12s they have. I repeat, the prices are depressing - but the system 100s are quite reasonable I just need to get the go ahead from my landlord. I'm sure he'll come around! If not to make some techno, then at least to kick me out.
And anyway if you're into gear prOn this place is dirtier than any of those video stores in Shinjuku. There's something about seeing not one but 3 or 4 same but different model memorymoogs/P5s/system 100s together in a cramped and only very slighty grotty space that does it for me. All the other music stores in Tokyo reek of Mr sheen and are way too shiny. I haven't had an hour long boner like that for years.
I just over-explained that last part :D
the best thinga bout 5g is they guys in there. they'll let you play with pretty much anything and they are very learned.

my favourite part is the racks of sequencers by the door.

if your landlord kicks you out you can bring the system 100 over to my place. leave the boner at home tho, eh?
I've died and gone to 808 heaven!
Hey again Anonymous!
Don't go dissin' the smut shops in Shinjuku dude! That's my hood! Ha, ha, ha!

Next time you go to Five G you might want to swing by Shibuya as well and check out Echigoya:

The store isn't nearly as big as Five G, but they have the vintage goods too.

I'm going to start a Tokyo gaijin thread on vintage synth soon so we can all exchange info.
"leave the boner at home tho, eh?"

- That all depends on whether you've got any hot gear lying around. Therefore I promise nothing :)

After returning from my little trip into dark envy and lust that was my frist FiveG experience, I felt a wave of hatred toward my meagre plastic USB realtime controller soft synth virtual yadeh yah bullshit souless setup. It continues today. And you should know I got drunk last night and puked on my Oxygen 8. I regret nothing.
Did you say (type), "eh"? Canadian? Me too.
ekadek in nz does have a similar tape machine.....
it's called ray, I've used it on a few tracks and it's pretty sick.
I meant
i selling a Korg Stage Echo Se-300 Model,is a spring reverb/ tape loop, the unit is in mint excellent shape, works all, comes with original tape loop, no repairs or mofieds, for a better quality i recomended change the loop, i sell in 380$ ( american dollars) buyers pays shipping fares ( send worldwide ). method of payment "only money order by western union) many thanks any questions to
I have one of these giant tape delay! Modified to control individually the heads. My e-mail is
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