Learn to disco dance the Finnish way

Some musicians find it hard to relax and get with the beat while performing on stage. If you've got a gig coming up, take some time to watch this helpful instructional video. As we know from Armi & Danny's delightful video clip, the Finns are both stylish and rhythmically gifted. (Thanks again, Kati)

This is great. Despite the fact that it looks more like a demonstration of the effects of cerebral palsy, I kind of like the music. Almost sounds like "Hooked On Ennio Morricone".

Notice of course that I am, in fact, posting anonymously. ;)
Nice to be from Estonia and understand their slow language so well.
Funny video, been around forever though ya?
the music is german btw.
the lyrics: "Moscow, wild and full of secrets. Tower of red gold. Cold as ice. Moscow, only the ones who really know you know that a fire burns, inside of you so hot." I guess this translation sounds strange - so does the original.
Might be by the infamous Dschingis Khan (featured here in the" worst music video ever" discussion), or, even worse, a Dschingis Khan rip off.
Once again I feel that strange combination of shame and being proud of being Finnish.

But at least most of you don't understand what the dude is telling about disco music and dancing to it in the beginning...
Of course it's Dschingis Khan.
Man I actually liked Moskau, and Dsching, Dsching, Dschingis Khan.

I have no taste, but I am happier that way :P
The demo part starts out O.K., kind of a retirement-home disco vibe, but when they actually start dancing, wow! That wierd lurching, foot dragging thing is very much like my own signature dance The Mad Cow, except I accompany that foot work with violent head shaking, preferably to something in the 225-250 bpm range. It becomes impossible to keep your balance and you lurch around the floor, very fun.

You should try to find the fine Finnish Christmas sing-and-dance-along Tip Tap song. I end up doing that every year with my neighbors; it's quite sad now that all the "kids" are in their 30s and 40s.
OK, here's that tip tap song I mentioned
This is an out take from the latest Borat movie right???

Shame the other dancers hadn't seen the video first.

I love it!
I've found this video around six years ago. Good to see, that there are still people around who haven't seen it before.
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