Fine tuning your vacuum cleaner's sound

Imagine the situation. You're a noise musician, so you want to play things like vacuum cleaners and garden tools on stage. Your problem? Roadies just don't take you seriously. Connecticut musician Tard has a solution: On the left: "This is an old Lectrolux vacuum cleaner motor put in a DIY wood box. Has a much different (deeper, richer) sound than the original metal vacuum cleaner casing." and on the right: "Just a regular household weed-wacker, BUT... Made a DIY wood box for the rechargable battery and put the motor in a PVC pipe. Added a safety switch so the power has to be turned on AND the PVC button held down at the same time to start. Makes a nice "rackety" dentist-drill whirr." He also has a fantastic guitar pickup in a little box for location noise recording. (Thanks, Cementimental)

Centuries from now, when some archeologist digs up these boxes, he will conclude that we drank wine from lead goblets until we were so crazy that we filled nice boxes with motors that had no purpose whatsoever.

Except for the lead goblets and wine, the archeologist will be right.
When I was 14, I was messing around with our vacuum cleaner, a mic, an MXR flanger and a bass amp. I managed to get the speaker LOUDER than the vacuum and was able to tune the sound with the flanger. It was awesome. I was fiddling with that for about a half hour until I think I got shut down by my mother.

I bet if I did it now it wouldn't be nearly as cool.
I used to play with my electric shaver :) It gives quite funny vowel sounds when you change the shaver position and mouth size. Once I sampled a perforator sound when our neighbours were doing an overhaul of their flat. Also I love the noise of a welding apparatus (when it's got welding load) , but I have not sampled it yet.
I crossed a vacuum cleaner with an old accordion. I called it The Wheeze-o-tron and it was quite a hit, for a while.
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