Dude builds a talkbox from an amp, a plastic bowl and some stickers

This page is a wonderful account of one man's twenty year quest to build himself a talkbox* to recreate Zapp's 'More Bounce to the Ounce': "The first time I heard that computer voice come out of my mouth, I almost cried tears of joy. I called everyone and explained that I’d finally gotten a Talkbox. Whether they wanted to hear it or not I demonstrated the sound until they either hung up or became irate."
Alongside full instructions on how to build yourself a talkbox, there's a 'Top 20 Dopest Talkbox Songs', including The Eagles, Peter Frampton, Nazareth and Dr Dre. Then there's the 'Top 7 Worst Talkbox Songs', including Bon Jovi, obviously.
*The coolest and least hygenic guitar effect ever, which pumps the guitar/synth sound up a rubber tube, into your mouth, and out to a microphone.

Can't forget Stevie Wonder's 123 sesame street song! Talkbox + Arp 2600 = HUGE!
Or Close To You by Stevie
Much easier to use a Large piezo tweeter than a speaker.
Yeah, Stevie rocks the talk box. Try LOVE HAVING YOU AROUND on Music of My Mind and BLACK MAN from Songs in the Key of Life!
It was my reverence for Roger Troutman that made me buy a Heil Talkbox (even though I know RT built his own). Considering how small the thing is, it weighs a ton! And I've only ever used the bugger on one record in the 11 years I've had it!

(oh, and thanks for the link, Tom!)
Of recent note, Steven Drozd of the Flaming Lips uses talkbox most notably on 'Free Radicals'. He uses as well for buzzy-growling noises.
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