Coming soon: The Music Thing Online Shop

As part of an effort to rid this site of mobile phone and 'trader blog' advertisments, I'm currently testing my html skills to the limit trying to build a MT online shop to sell the sort of music gear that I'd like to buy myself. It won't be a real shop, but (hopefully) an interesting selection of products which can be bought through other people's shops in the UK, US and Europe. So, if you run a fantastic online shop selling music gear and want to get involved, do get in touch. If you've ever done this sort of thing yourself and have any advice, that would also be very welcome...

I like the brazilian store, they sell speaker cones and this kind of stuff, very appropriate! I wonder where they're located here :)
I like the brazilian store, they seel speaker cones and this kind of stuff, very appropriate! I wonder in which city they're located here... :)
Im a consumer whore!
I think it is a great idea. I'm looking forward to it, best of luck from Palm Sounds.
It's in Belem, if I remember rightly:
sounds like a great idea tom.
will be interested to see it.

also, it's useful that you reminded us of that shop in brazil. if i find myself short on Araldite, should i be over there at any time, i know where to go...
you sly dog
Tom. Love. get your priorities straight: First make an animated .gif of the MusicThing logo so the meter flicks up and down, then the phenomenal revenue stream you can retire on!
You can't imagine how many times I've tried to do that, but it's MUCH harder than I thought... My biggest design advance was actually getting the needle just peaking a bit. For the first two years of the site, it was pointing at -20...
I think that is a great idea - green paint no needed :)
Nice idea, good luck!
Sounds like a great idea!
Could be a good place to buy DIY stuff...???
Sorta off but on topic...
Please dont pull a fast one like I'm about to mention. Check this link who just recently started an online music store:

Now take a look and tell me if something is very similar from this link whose had an online music shop for the longest...

identical beside the prices...
man, I can't believe someone is rippin' rogue like that. Those guys are cool, they've always hooked me up with whatever I needed cheaper than you can even get it online... I'm going to walk into their store tomarrow and let'em know about this.
been using musiciansfriend for years, from an expensive synth to guitar picks - always reliable, easy to deal with and efficient - once the usps lost a casio keyboard and they sent another without any problems
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