Build yourself a Spring Reverb for $2

It's all in the headline: here are the instructions. There's also a $115 plate reverb which looks like rather more hard work...

Haaha! awesome! i really love when music is helped by these kinds uv materials, and the "how to" is very easy to read and get. I think, i'm gonna steal my sister's echo-mic...
Reminds me of

nice stuff :)))
I love his little quips stuck here and there in the directions:

"id say if you don't rush you could have it done in about 2-3 hours by yourself. with help maybe less then an hour if you don't screw around but you probably will."
Kids stuff...

About a year ago I took one of these things apart and anchored the bottom end of the spring into a hole carefully drilled through the center of a peizo element ripped out of a dollar store alarm buzzer. Soldered on a thrift shop mic cable to the peizo leads, then reassembled it, resulting in an actual functioning mic with integrated spring tank.

Sounds like death metal in a cave.
"Kids stuff..."

isn't that sort of the point?

thanks for posting this. i’m finally getting the respect i deserve for my beautiful craftsmanship. pink plastic and black duct tape? i might have to cry myself to sleep tonight.

so how many people are building one?

i know i'm going to have to build this guys piezo version. someone else was going to do one with an electric guitar pickup. oh and don't forget about attaching the spring directly to a speaker and every other way this has been done before. has some very cool stuff, leagues ahead of me. i’ve had my eye out for one of those displays so i can build his verb

now i’m almost sorry about the bad language
That site is impossible to read, low contrast text and a motle pattern background.
There is another cheap delay device...if you own a three-head-tape-recorder. Just use the recording monitor with gives you a short delay during the recording. mix together input and output signal and there is your vintage delay/echo effect.
it's mostly white on black with an average font size? i can read it just fine.

this thing awesome. i wonder what it would sound like to add that tape player feedback path to the spring? could be cool. i'm going to have to find some echo mics and try it out
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