Booooooom! When loudpeakers catch fire

Thanks to Anonymous, in the comments on this post, for introducing me to the scary and wonderful world of YouTube subwoofer porn. This clip, illustrated above, is a good starting point, proving that life isn't all fun and games when you're dating a fat guy with a pickup and a big sound system. Here is awesome proof that speakers can not only blow out their cones, but catch fire, if driven hard enough. There's more here and here.

Sounds like farting. Now you can get deaf in less than 20 seconds. Just what i wanted! I will never understand why i'd want such a loud sound system. A bit loud is fun sometimes, way loud gets tiring quickly...

The manual for the sherman filterbank warns that very low frequencies might burn out speakers.
1.21 jiggawatts!
How do you even enjoy your music with that much bass? I bet that guy and his girlfriend are both friggin deaf by now!
i don't understand that subculture at all
WOW – What a waste. I guesses it is another indication of the dumbing down of our society that consumers and “musicians” feel that bass is the one and only aspect to consider when producing their “songs”. Wonder what Love Supreme, Beethoven’s 9th or Revolver sounds like on that stereo? Unfortunately, we’ll never know. I am sure that this musical aficionado has a big stack of Outkast, Neptunes and Timberland to play. And I bet that they all sound the same. Thump, thump, thump. Sooooo cooooool!
My bro in law(who is a Florida basshead)got his hearing checked..Doc told em its the treble that will hurt ya ears, not the bass!
A few weeks ago i went to an ear doctor (sorry i'm Dutch, my english isn't that good and i couldn't make up a better word) for some custom made musicians' ear plugs (for rehehearsing with my band in which the guitarists play pretty loud), and he told me that it is'nt the high or low frequencies that will harm your ears, but it is the volume. So i can stand safely next to the bassplayer or the guitarist, my ears will be wrecked in eighter way... Guess those so-called 'Bassheads'aren't the only ones that like it loud.
Fuun thing is I used to drive around all the time in my Monte Carlo and play DJ Magic Mike bass tapes with my friends in the car. After seeing this on Music Thing, I dug out a box of old tapes and laughed my ass off! This stuff was great. great past time. I have since gone on and over the years gotten into Stockhausen, Psychic TV, Wire, Kompakt records stuff Klaus Schultze, Eno, Fripp etc. Just cause this guy is having fun listening to bass discs dosen't mean he isn't into the same names mentioned above. Come on, you gotta give it up. He's having fun and he's with his girl and flat out don't give a fuck.
I used to drive around my neighborhood playing DJ Magic Mike bass tapes and just having fun with my friends. I have since gotten into Stockhausen, Eno, Fripp, Wire, Animal Collective, Kompakt records stuff, Traum stuff Force Inc. stuff, etc. etc. This guy is just having fun with his girl. Make fun of him all you want but he may embarress you entirely with his knowledge of music outside of what he listens to for "fun"..
/\ /\ /\
I love you!
I love you too...!

(Sorry about the double post)
"Doc told em its the treble that will hurt ya ears, not the bass!"
Of course low frequencies can damage your ears. To think otherwise is quite reckless. Anything at those SPLs will do some damage. Dont believe me? Go stick your head in some bassbins for a while.
I once tested a suspicious amplifier with an old 12' speaker and I was sooo happy that I tried it with the old speaker instead of my new ones. The amp was able to generate DC to the speaker, and it blew out completely. The smell was awful...

Needless to say, I threw away the amplifier as well as the speaker...
Have a look at this's very funny.... :)
i reckon the boom these vehicles make would
kick any of those under powered kids out of
town! check them out:

I'm guessing that youtube filenames are randomly generated.
That first one in subbasshead's post is slightly unfortunate, isn't it?
Let the naysayers be heard.

Bass music. Naaaayyyyyy, naaaayyyy.

Loud stereos. Naaaayyyyy, naaayyyy, naaaayyy.

Any music other than what I listen to. Naaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy.
Decent systems with pure physical sub AND clear mids and highs can't be beat. I reckon even Stockhausen would be up for a bit of that.
damn skippy! i didn't like it either for a long time. now i do. simple as that. i do make an effort to get to know what i previously prejudged. IMHO there is a pervasive institutional racism against all things black or urban; educated people are taught to disdain all things fun i think and there may well be a filter in place without the indiviual knowing of it (id est, dostoevsky: {from memory} kirilov is unaware that he is aware and unaware that he is unaware)
that precludes a deep understanding of where these cultures are coming from and where they are and are headed. i do like this stuff when i smoke a spliff and (for me anyways) it gives me a sense of belonging to a contemporary subculture that has its priorities straight. hope that makes sense....
What??? What????? I can't hear you???
Try it again with something this big.
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