232mb of really hardcore mucky gear pr0n

Different Skies is a three seven day 'Electronic Space Music Festival' which finished in Arcosanti, Arizona, a couple of weeks ago. It always attracts lots of people with huge quantities of gear, which you can watch in this epic and slighly hypnotic video (it's a 232mb QT movie, and the server isn't the fastest). If you don't have the patience, there are plenty of pictures here. (Thanks, Jeff)

All these nice gears to play such an horrid song !

let's have a look. This song is pretty much the best one :)
The gears don't deserve it.
I spent 5 weeks at Arcosanti about 10 years ago doing a workshop. Very interesting place and worth a stay if you are interested in architecture or just want to hang out in the desert with a bunch of creative people.
I thought the other mp3 downloads had some great moments. #2 seems to be driven by audience participation. Since it was made up on the spot, I think it might be fair to cut them a little slack on that one.
One quick correction: the event takes place over seven days, with a full dress rehearsal on Friday night for the residents of Arcosanti and an official performance for a live audience on Saturday night.

It's primarily a networking and community event for the participants; we always have a great time together, with lots of composing (almost none of the music is composed before we arrive), networking, drinking, and fun. We have some folks who come back every year and also welcome new participants each time out; anyone who's interested in learning more about the festival can come to our website and join the mailing list, as well as learn about qualifying to attend.

Yes, Part 2 of the stream was an audience participation piece, accompanied by stage histrionics that unfortunately don't translate to audio; Parts 1 and 3 are the rest of the show, and Part 4 has two completely spontaneous jams as our encore.

Goes to show that good gear doesn't equal talent or creativity. YIKES! That was crap!!!
What the hell is wrong with you people. Someone actually posted music they made with their gear. Have you done anything lately? These guys actually did something and got applause. Where did you play your last show?
And something else a lot of you wankers have failed to consider: 1.)these audio files are NOT the final edits...they're less than ideal samples so folks could get an idea of the concert. 2.)this was an IMPROVISED COLLABORATIVE effort by musicians, about half of whom had never performed together. If you check out the individuals' websites and music sites, you will find that the music that a lot us who were there play on our own is very different than what we did at Arcosanti. and 3). like the guy said: when's the last time YOU posted links to a live performance you did for a very public audience? Come on, Curtis, put your music where your mouth is...
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