What else I've been up to

This, mainly. (Try here if you don't want to register)

Could someone give a short summary of the article for those of us who don't aren't registered?
Thanks to both of you for helping me within like 10 minutes :)
And by the way, Tom, CONGRATULATIONS!!
lucky dog!
I wish someone would employ me to talk about my niche interests..
nice work!
"communities editor"

definitely the world's most sinister job title ever.
Congrats, Tom! Sounds like a fantastic opportunity.

Though who are they calling a niche audience? ;)

Former Mixmag editor? Who knew! Congrats.
what can i say...

you deserve it man ...

Excellent! Congrats Tom.
congrats on your new gig!

i'm going up for a new gig as a video content producer for a blog.
omodetou gozaimasu

from japan
Grattis Tom!
Congratulations Tom

Hans from Vettaville.nl
well done!
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