This is not the MPC-500 (but one is on the way)

Rumour mills are turning, and it looks pretty likely that Akai will be launching an MPC-500 in the not-to-distant future. It's not a new rumour - GearJunkies reckoned it would be announced at MusicMesse 2005, back before the MPC2500 was launched. The message board concensus seems to be that it will be smaller, cheaper, and less powerful than the MPC1000. There are certainly corners to be cut - the 1000 has six outputs, digital ins and outs, hard drive support, a chunky metal case with a built-in PSU - so it might be possible to produce a cheaper, maybe plastic, maybe DJ oriented unit. In March 2006, Numark/Akai registered, and last week Matrix reported that NovaMusic now have a product page saying: "BREAKING NEWS!!New ultra portable MPC available late October" and taking pre-orders, quoting a price of $1099, reduced to $799. This seems steep, considering used MPC1000s go for $600 on eBay US. If you know any more, please get in touch. And if you created this splendid MPC/PSP mashup, thank you!
UPDATE: This from the MPC Forums, from someone who spoke to NovaMusic: "The MPC500 can be run on batteries, making it totally portable! There will be 12 pads total. This gives you a good idea on the size of the unit. Picture a mini 1000.It looks like it will cost $749"

Gna Gna Gna
I have a feeling it will be a MPD / MPC hybrid that will be closer to the Roland SP-404 / SP-606 in functionality...but some equal focus on it being a software controller. It will most likely run on batteries, will have only analog stereo ins and outs, CF Card only, smaller package. However, for $ must comes bundled with software...or offer something that the 1000 does not.
nice photoshop image of a sony psp remixed into a akai mpc500...but....;))
Yes, the clue is in the headline (and the last sentence of the post)
The MPC-500 is real... it is coming. Don't let that PSP pic, which has been around for months and months, fool you.
lol! Good one Tom!
For a *huge* bunch of photos of PSP knocknoffs:

Bless those Chinese :)
Akai contact you yet?
If the buttons are anything like the MPC1000 I tried at Guitar Center today I would stay the hell away from it, the buttons on the 1000 were unresponsive at times when I jabbed at them, notnearly as nice as the 2500's pads, and that makes all the difference in the world for me.
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Good blog!
nice! but seriously, is this really coming out?
Yes, it is coming out.

I have one as I am developing library for it.

It's a neat bit of kit.
pics are up:
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