Software makes sound from diseases, minerals and solar systems

Remember when Dr Ben discovered Radionics Machines - pseudoscience gizmos that looked like vintage syntns? Now Amos has found the software equivalent. Voice Sync is a $35 bundle of Radionics programs, which can do things like taking star patterns from Kitt Peak National Observatory and turning them into "ancient drum rhythms of different types". Or "Generates resonant three octave compound tones from a list of more than 3000 minerals", or "Talk and see animated concentric color rings following your voice, colors and number of rings are calculated from frequency and number of voice formants.".

I think this has already been done. It's called "weed."
These ideas pretty much are mathematics.I don't think it's gonna give out some very usuful or even just complicated sounds. There is whole world to make a sound from, I don't see any big perspective to make sound from a list of data, but I have to admit it's quick way to get a cheap glory.
I like that his v2v tool "compensates excess tones" and also filters "silence noise." I think we can all agree that it's about time someone addressed the excess tone problem. Bob Dylan ought to look at that "filtering of silence noise" for his next CD.
can I be harsh? I know it's easier to rag than to do shit, and so I do feel a little guilty. Here goes.

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