Peter builds analog synth controller from PS2 handset

Peter is rightly proud of his hacked Playstation controller, which he uses to control his MS20. It was built for him by Dave Krooshof (who also built this) Peter explains it in this video, with more here on his blog and here (in Dutch). Presumably, this would work on any modular synth, with a little modification?

Please note that I didn't build it myself. All credits go to Dave Krooshof.

Earlier this year he made an MS10 ccontroller also (check the video: url= )

Finally; it maybe interesting to know the specs for my controller:
2 trigger outs, 1 continuous CV-out, 1 cracklebox-like touchpad CV-out, Left Joystick X/Y +8V CV-outs, Right Joystick X/Y +/-5V CV-outs. (I do hope I've got the voltages right but I'm sure Dave will correct me if I'm wrong ;-)
And I didn't notice you already edited your post Tom... Doh! :-)
I thought you could do this anyway with MAX/MSP...
next step: guitar hero controller!
Whenever Tom posts a cool hardware hack, comme ├ža, there's always someone who says: "but you can do that in software".

That person needs to be given a bug hat that reads "i do not get it" and be sent to the back of the class.

(Not to mention the minor price difference of $490 between a used PS2 controller and Max/MSP)
Yes, easily done in Max with the hi object and a PlayStation-to-USB adapter -- but only if you want to control software, of course; for hardware you'll likely want a direct MIDI interface.
Wow, it's nice to find my controllers on the blog that I myself browse for ideas.

It's easy to make from any resistor/pots based joystick. The Korg is probably the hardest of all, as it uses three different types of controlvoltages. Hence the two batteries. A doepfer is much easier.

The cracklebox style output is the nicest. It actually connects your body to the electronics, making your sweat a part of the electronic circuitry.
Of course we won't even mention the difference in sound between Max/MSP and a Korg ms20..

Cool to see Dave's stuff here! I have a big PC joystick he rigged to work with my Doepfer Modular.
I did use MSP too. Analogue is not good for pitchshifting or delays. It all depends on what you want to be playing. My "power station" joystick has a homemade USB convertor. I stopped using MSP after some severe crashes involving loud noise and utter silence.

Joysticks enough. Too little time.
Most of these are waiting for me and my soldering iron.
copypaste, clicketyclack:
This is brilliant, Im planning of utilizing all my junk joysticks and create some sort of synth station.

keep up the rocket science
that's nice, but peter is taking a hard route to something xik (guy who made the midines) whipped up a couple years ago. I can't find it now, but what it was was a small aplet called xikstick that when used in conjunction with another program called midi-yolk, turned any computer joystick into a midi controller.

you'll have to ask him about it I can't remember the details.
Hard to use MIDI to control parameters on a MS20, though...
a good read.
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