Nice looking Lemur software clone - just $34

If you're lusting after a JazzMutant Lemur controller, but don't have €2,000, here is a cheap alternative. Mono Touch Live runs on any PC with any touchscreen monitor, and it's set up to control Ableton Live. It's not the first, but it's (nearly) a real commercial product, and it certainly has the look. It was developed by Argentinian DJ Pablo Martin (DJ Grobe), and should be available in October. Obviously it's single touch only (one of the many magic things about the real lemur is that you can control as many parameters as you have fingers, simultaneously). It's not user-programmable, and it doesn't come in a super-cute all-in-one controller, but until Behringer release the Marmoset MS1000 multi-touch controller for £99, it's the best we have.

Great idea !! ..... i want one : )

On the site it metions support for 12, 14, and 15" screens.

Where can we find super inexpensive flat touch screen monitors?

When laptop DJing instead of looking like I'm checking my emails now I can look like I'm entering your fast food order into the cash register.

...or like I'm playing Tetris.

DJ McManus
even better, when I'm entering a fast food order into a cash register, I can look like Im DJing.
Its a win-win situation!
Great if you are a Trekkie dork, otherwise why not just get a life and a el cheapo controller surface a'la behringer etc, I really don't see the point apart from looking poncey? "Ohh look I'm adjusting the volume of this part by touching a screen" whats wrong with faders? Dork toy.
I like one! non expensive. Like page coment, SAW touch are good !
+ 50 millions of touches !

: )
I wonder if it will work with Wacom drawing tablets?

A lot of graphics people have those more than touchscreens.
No thimble knobs, no 4 cm long plastic sliders, no CDisease, no vinull, no jewell cases, no ceedee binders, no silver metallic painted plastic controller boxes, no Behringer, no gears, no wheels, no twentieth century antiques, just an elegant screen and a small bottle of windex.

I love it. Please tell me where I can get an inexpensive screen.

DJ McManus
Bridge to Captain Picard, Sir I'm picking up multiple tacky-on emissions from the M Class planet 861.224.

Red Alert, All hands to Battle stations, some 21st century poser DJ is trying to look like a 24th century Starfleet crew member. Commander Data, contact the temporal Prime Directive team and inform them that we have multiple breaches to the timeline.
Where to get cheapo touchscreen LCDs?

GOOD NEWS: North Americans can't get enough TV in their SUVs, and the Chinese are more than happy to churn them out at excellent prices.

Hit up eBay and search for "vga touchscreen LCD" and see what happens... these days $200 buys you a badass 8" VGA LCD monitor with a USB touchscreen interface.

I just ordered one. :)
Nice one!!!
I ve got 5 pristine touchscreen monitor crt Microtouch 15 chassis " bought 5 years ago but never the spec..
massive one....!!!
if u want more info about the microtouch s crt email me at
touchsaver at yahoo dot com
the whole point of lemur is the multi-touch and the physics options on the various configurable controls and the multitude of possible user created setups..

not just flashy graphics - which is all this seems to have

prepare to go to warp 9 on my mark...

how much is the jackpot?
Now the MonoTouchLive its free !!
Check the web page !!

Amazing !!
Now the MonoTouchLive its free !!
Check the web page !!

Amazing !!
Behringer Marmoset....HAHAHHAAA!!

The LEMUR is awesome, but Behringer, well, yeah.

/Has a lot of Behringer gear.
please email me this software Pablo I think what u did is FANTASTIC
I haven't gotten any response from the email address he has on his site. somebody give me it if you get it.
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