MPC-500 First Shots - Looks real to me!

So here it is. The first shots of the MPC-500 pocket-sized sampler/drum machine have leaked to the MPC Forums. It has twelve pads. Runs off 6xAA batteries. Stereo ins and outs on 1/4" jacks. Nice MPC-2500 style cursors, which are missing from the MPC1000. No word yet on sample time, or storage, although a CF card seems likely. I can't see a USB port, but it seems very likely. The tiny LCD display (with switchable backlight) means the wonderful screen/soft-button interface (in place since the MPC3000) is lost, partially replaced by new single function buttons (the ubiquitous 'window' button is also gone). I'm not sure about the three-in-a-row pad arrangement. One of the most fun things to do on an MPC is playing slices of loop samples across the pads. The 4x4 grid works very well for 4/4 time signatures. Perhaps Akai are expecting a waltz revival? Price seems to be settling at $749, although that, like everything is TBC. Fans of conspiracy theories will note that this leak comes just 48 hours before version 1.0 of the hacked MPC1000 OS is released by JJ...

I cannot remember the last time I looked at a piece of kit and the first thing I catch myself saying is "I need one of those."

I need one of those.
looks like a photoshopped image, or i have a hard time beleiving they went for three pad rows instead of 4, seems stupid!
There are four pads in each column. Three in each row.
Disappointing little toy.

I'd rather have the MPD 24 than this. At least there was a reason to change things with that unit.

Why not just focus on a couple real MPC models and deliver them at a decent price.

All these other versions are just weak and watered-down imitators. This one as actually a total joke.

Save up for another month and get a real one. Think of all the money you'll save in batteries!
It looks like it lacks the sequencer. The main thing that makes the MPC an MPC is the sequencer. That, and the default ability to mute tracks or play patterns from the pads (cool for live performance).
Anonymous, it doesn't lack the sequencer. I can't speak for the specs but right there in the pic is: Track Mute, the transport controls, timing correct, metronome, seq. , track, play/st. play, overdub, etc.

It may turn out to be a hindered or rather a slimmed down seq. but the pics clearly show all the classic mpc seq. functions.
compact flash cards barely exist any more.
How the hell could it "look" like it lacks a sequencer!? What do you think the big ass buttons on the bottom are for? You can read the labels on those buttons yourself, they are the same as any MPC.

I would have liked to see a rechargable lithium battery though.
batteries. oh boy. batteries. thank you Jesus.
This could be the best little sequencer out there. It's great for live improv. It doesn't take size to make the MPC sequencer. Hopefully it has all the good things from the 2500 like direct record. As far as having four pads, turn the thing 90 deg.

My only gripe people who do not know how to take pictures of gear. Tip: take the picture at a 45 deg angle to eliminate flash glare.
An MPC IS A SEQUENCER!!! How could it not have one?

Boy, I was searching for images of this thing since I first heard about it (a year ago). I am utterly disapointed with the asthetics of this machine. Couldn't it have been white? It looks like someone squashed the new black MPC-1000 and this is how they left it.

Damn! I just wish it looked more like the MPD24, which is probably what I'll get along with Guru (even though I'm trying to stay away from software at the moment)
This is a bit weird. From experience, AKAI usually put up a 3D rendering of their new product on their site first to introduce it, and then they start working on the actual thing... oh well, who knows...
Also, notice how the screen says 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 just below? looks like the soft buttons have been replaced by the pads somehow...
LOL !!!! But tnx for the news :)
12 pads, perfect for 12-tone breakbeats.
Hmmm, would make sense 2 me as a portable solution.
Since it can be battery driven, has card reader and probably enough Ram, you could produce track basics while travelling and of course for Live use.
This of course only works if the sequencer & realtime features aren't watered down in any way. missing window buttons already sucks . I'm worried about the small display and fewer pads too. rather kept a smaller size 4 X 4 pad matrix by saving space with a tiny data wheel poti and I/O levels potis on the back.
If Akai would have just added 3 cm for a Row of Potis and a joystick they might have hit the jackpot- as it could double up as a great Ableton/DAW Controller. Price tag seems very high too. If one really wants to get on the MPC train, i recommend going for a used MPC 2000/XL or 1000 instead. I use a 2000 for 5 years and just love! it. I slave my DAW to it and clock the "Roland bunch"
Life has never been the same since :-)
But after all it is about the Sequencer. (rock solid timing /swing and the realtime controls over essential playback parameters. You can record, overdub, edit without having to stop playback. (hello, Roland MC 808 ;-)).
If these features are crippled down in any way, i'm out. And wether you dig the little 500 or not, an MPC is still a great thing to have imoh. The different workflow compared to let's say Digital Performer is so much different and refreshing and it makes a great clip trigger for ableton live too.
However, i'm thinking of buying a 1000 just for getting off the Zip drive train, which has proven to be very unsuited as a long time storage solution for much loved & essential custom made sample libraries, Doh! .
I always thought my SP-202 needed a sequencer.
"Waltz revival" - ha ha!! My thoughts exactly...
pretty cool but the price... LOL
I'm sorry, but you know I can not live with out my MPC 200XL. I think it is nice, but again, you keep in mind you pay for what you get.
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