"Creating musical magic from thin air and solid state electronics"

Here is a really wonderful clip of Giorgio Moroder, uploaded from an old Casablanca Records promo tape by Josh. It opens with Giorgio playing with a Roland MC-8 - the £4,500 digital CV/Gate sequencer introduced in 1977 and used on records like 'Dare' by the Human League (all you ever wanted to know about the MC-8 is here). At the end of the clip is a shot of Keith Forsey, who drummed on Giorgio's finest moments before going on to produce Billy Idol's big '80s albums. (More Giorgio here, of course)

What the heck is used to trigger that Rhodes and what is controlling it?
I have an MC-8 - but I need the
connector cable to go from it to the
output module. Anyone care to
help me?!
hey tom! I bet someone has already mentioned this before, but did you that on "GTA: Liberty City" there's a car radio just with Moroder's tracks?

The tracks are all from the Scarface soundtrack
Georgio is king.
Here's a song of his...
Ignore the crap video, which proves I was right to hate discos, and enjoy nearly 6 minutes of the synths
Look everyone, Georgio's creating a "Record Album"!
anyone knows what the song starting at 0.20 with the rhodes is called?
i used to have this record .. picked it up at a thrift store! it f'in ruled the school .. the cover was awesome too ... his chest was made of synths and stuff ... it even had a cool ass vocoder "shout out" song were he drops some respect.
The record is E=MC2, the vocoder track is Baby Blue.

It seems that the Rhodes is just played full normaly (fingers strokes the keys), but there is a mirror hold between fingers and camera, so you can see only half of the keys. Why do the film makers so (if it's true as I described)? Just perhaps to "create musical magic" also by a film trick...
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