Booooooom! The 60 inch subwoofer

Peter wrote to tell me about the Eminent Technology Model 17 fan-powered subwoofer. It's all well and good, but I'd personally go for this one-off 60 inch subwoofer: "The cone moves 6 inches peak to peak under full-tilt output... Unfortunately, Tim and his crew didn't realize just how much acoustical power the sub could generate, and didn't build the vehicle to contain it appropriately. Even at less than 1/2 output, the doors were blown off the tracks, and the entire vehicle ballooned in and out several inches."

reminds me of the speaker in the first Back to the Future where the guitar is plugged in :)
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Stay on Groovin' Safari,
So awesome. I bet you can hear that bass for miles. (or kilometers, for you metric-users)
hey check these out for subwoofer madness!
Let's send this to Iraq! Everyone will chill out to the bass and all will be well.
Man i love this sub woofer and in my eyes the perfect car for this would be a reinforced bullet and bomb proof truck, surely the thick steel structure of such vehicle would take the boom boom, the only downfall is you need steel reinforced ears.
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