Ben's 3D webcam-to-MIDI converter

Here is the Sourceforge page for a useful-if-you-like-that-kind-of-thing program for turning a webcam image into MIDI data. At the moment it's Alpha, but I'm sure you won't let that put you off...

webcam theremin, here I come!
Thanks Tom :)
My email is
benxtan at gmail dot com if anyone needs help with getting it working.

seems that some dll are missing !
Yeah, I didn't include the dll's because I wasn't sure if I was allowed (haven't read aall the conditions of GPL yet) to or not. Also, with the microsoft dll's I'm quite sure that I wouldn't be able to do so legally.

If you look in the tells you what dll's you will need.
But, where i find all those dlls?!?!
I really want to try it, but i was'nt able to find on

Someone help me...
just search for each individual .dll by filename in google, each time it gives the error msg for missing .dll (i think there is like 6-7 total you will need.)

I managed to find them all yesterday without a problem (within first page of results for each). Put all the files in the directory with the .exe file and make sure you camera is plugged in when starting up the program.

I could get it to affect my Midi SW Synth by playing notes, but through the mpu-401 I couldn't get it to be recongnized as a midi controller, at least not through buzz tracker.
oh, and very cool program btw
(and thanks for the laser pointer tip bfm :) ..)
Someone could post the links here, i can't find the dlls at all!
.dll files required:
both can be found in the .zip on this page
both can be found in the .zip on this page
whoops. this link is missing in the previous post.
Worst. Comments. Ever.
You can find the dll's for OpenCV here:
download the file

And in that zip there should be a bin directory that will have all the OpenCV dll's that you will need.
- cv097.dll
- cxcore097.dll
- cxcore096.dll
- highgui096.dll

The Microsoft dll's can be found at the locations posted above by transient.

I had fun with Ableton Live and this program, pointing my webcam at the TV last night...then had the program displayed on the tv (connected as 2nd monitor) and pointed the cam at the image it was producing, causing all kinds of crazy self reflecting images...think spirals and fractals and...winamp visualisations :)

I'll record a video with audio one day...of my crazy noises.
Annoyingly the program insists that there is another program using my Labtec webcam, which bothers me since I can't see what possibly could be using it. It throws an error at me telling me to close whatever's using the device, and then freezes. I have no idea what it thinks is using the device, but if I could figure out that'd be very handy...

Shame, I got past the DLL hurdles. This looks fun, it'd be a blast to get this thing working.
hmm..the only thing I can suggest is turning the computer off, then plug the cam in, then turn the computer on. Run the program before you load anything else and see if you still get the same error.

Otherwise...its hard to say wahts wrong from here...unless you live in Sydney, Australia and I can come over to your house and troubleshoot, lol.
Sorry my english because I live in Brazil... my problem, the program start normally, recognize my camera (conexant capture)but the screen camera not appears... I use XP and all dlls, what's wrong..? I'm shure, that is a great program and very important for me because I am a veejay, thanks...
Hey there Veejay Chelo.
1. Does your camera appear in the camera menu at the top?

Send me an email benxtan at gmail dot com and I'll see if I can sort it out. And if its a bug I can fix, I'll put it in the next version :)
Hello,sorry but i am not very experienced with midi and was wondering if any kind soul could help me out...apolagize in advance if im
sounding dumb...
Im trying to use the program through
reason or fruity loops I cant get the
programs to see that my webcam is a midi controller...Ive set all the channels up on the webcam program and tried all sorts of different settings on reason3/fl6 pleease somebody help me this program looks like the bomb diggity
is it easier to work in abelton?

I will be eternally greatful for help.
To test your webcam I recommend
Test my webcam
You will need a program like MIDI Yoke to make PMIDIC talk to Reason or FL.

MIDI yoke acts like a virtual MIDI cable.

PMIDIC -> MIDI Yoke -> Reason

- Ben X Tan
This program sounds awesome, I'd like to use it in Live to control parameters for my live show. I am having a problem setting it up though. The program opens, and does not say anything about missing dlls. It recognizes my Phillips SPC 200NC under the camera menu, but I get no image within the program. And, when I MidiYoke to Live, I am not getting any messages to come through.

you can reach me at mrwindupbirdmusic at yahoo dot com, any interfacing help would be appreciated
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