Art of Noise and the most expensive live gear ever

This clip of The Art Of Noise playing live on The Tube is fantastic - their kit includes three Fairlights, a PPG Wave 2, a MemoryMoog and racks of AMS RMX16 and Lexicon 224 reverbs. Unlike this TV gearfest, it's filmed with a gear pornographer's lustful eye - lots of slow pans across the synths, even a long close up of the racks. And the band are dressed as Pierrot. And Paul Morley is sipping a glass of wine. And the audience are completely baffled. I saw Art of Noise playing live a few years ago and it was pitiful, compared to this. Be sure to also watch this introduction, with Jools Holland talking through the gear and being sampled himself.

Not sure how this is related to your post, but I just couldn't help myself.
lord, i remember watching this at the time... my mate at school went barmy over it (the future of music apparently... :))
Best. Musicthing. post. ever.

(I practicly grow up on AON).

The audience is great. such a lively bunch. they simply had no idea that they were watching at the time..

The trully amazing thing is that, apart for the drums and some other sequenced bit's, this is live. which is really odd for the time..

three fairlights.. haha. love-em.
Blimey I was looking for the TOTP appearance the oither day and never thought of the Tube. How stupid. This is great though isn't it? Look at all that kit. JJ acting the fool, he's really excited isn't he? Anne's "to be in England" is a bit nervey too but the playing's spot on of course. Ah, look at the Klark Teknik EQ! (I used to work there) Morley presses that button at the start on that keyboard in the gallery which I reckon, must be to start all that text, so he was almost live too. Nice touch, that.
meh, not a fan.. i always felt AON was overrated

negativland did some awesome live shows with sample manipulation tho.. they would practically play reel-to-reels like instruments
on the jools vid. he finishes my saying:

¨it doesnt matter how much gear you have you can still be extremly...(end of video)¨

fill the blanks anyone?
on the jools vid. he finishes my saying:

¨it doesnt matter how much gear you have you can still be extremly...(end of video)¨

fill the blanks anyone?
WOW! Apparently Art of Noise is overrated, but Negativeland is awesome. I'm not even sure what to say to that
Wow. So much fine gear to produce so much crap. Amazing. Never did get that group, even at the time it seemed like amazingly UNinteresting use of that technology.
Yeah - I guess back then I would rather have seen Negativeland work with tape carts and make some social commentary.
well, nahar- if you dont have anything to say, then just sit back and relax

while you are at it, try contemplating the relativity of perception

(or is that too WOW! AMAZING! for you to wrap your head around?)

you could always try coloring books instead...
Sounds like someone should have used a blog yawn instead of a meh!
At one time I had an old VHS that I had taped off...MTV. A live AON show. They played a few songs. I remember them doing "Opus 4" using a triggered drum kit. I also remember Peter Gunn, and "Backbeat," complete with a Fairlight "solo" by JJ. It would awesome if somebody hadn't taped over that. Anybody?
The AON Live Video is this one

It has all the stuff you mention and can be found on eBay for not much.



P.S. Yes I have the video :)
I remember this at the time. I recorded it at
the time and almost wore the tape out watching this clip. I
subsequently, and in hindsight, foolishly recorded over this stuff.

but also check out the introduction where Jools Holland is sampled by JJ :)

Gold...absolute Gold...


This is about the worst and most cheesy stuff i have heard in several years! It really sounds horrible! The only group that have managed to get anything close to descent and non-cheesy sounds out of a Fairlight are Jeans Team from Germany! And the most un-inspired sound i have ever heard from a memorymoog. I have played one and it can sound much more interesting than this! What is more cheesy than one Fairlight? ...3 Fairlights for sure!!!
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