The Alphatrack fader/knob/ribbon controller

This is the new thing from Frontier (the people behind the popular Tranzport wireless controller, who also designed Tascam's nicer recent interfaces). Alphatrack is a USB controller with a single motorised fader, 3 touch sensitive knobs, transport and other controls, and a ribbon controller for scrubbing back and forwards through the track ("Use one finger on it to move the scrub through your project's timeline, and two fingers to jump in and out of shuttle mode."). It's obviously not a totally new idea, but looks good. Expect a $199 street price. (Thanks Jerry, more on his blog)

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Man, this thing is like, sooooo limited. Why, I can't even use it to pan 5.1 audio, let alone 10.2.
sorry but i dont get the point of having just one fader
one fader = writing automation on a single track?
works for me. i think it's a great idea as that's how i work anyway.
why pay for 8 faders if you only use one at a time...
I think it works well as a sort of musical mouse -- when you're focused on the computer screen, you may not want a whole control surface. But grabbing the mouse sure doesn't work well. So this fits perfectly. Then again, worth considering Frontier's Tranzport, too, since that's wireless and battery powered and can do some of the same things.
How would you change the fader IT controls on your DAW? If you have to click the fader on your screen so it switches to it that beats the purpose of the whole thing.
Alex I disagree,

While, like you said, ASSIGNING it may entail clicking with your mouse on the fader anyways; but imagine which is easeir AND accurate: sliding the fader by dragging via mouse/keyboard mouse or via physical fader?

It was intended to be a companion to the keyboard, not an alternative control surface that does everything in one gadget.
there is probably a "bank" select type button that lets you move left or right of the track your one fader corresponds to on the control surface. It seems pretty cool for mixing.
it's a great idea - i mean who these days really moves more than one fader at a time ...especially if using a mouse ! ...i use a procontrol day in day out and to be honest this will work just as well for me next to my well as when using my laptop or flipping the fader for fx feedback;s in Ableton Live..the possibilities seem endless personally...but then of course some ppl want a big impressive flying control surface...i have one's only a bigger mouse...this is a cool product ...i have one on order already...
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