£5,000 grants for one-off electronic music live shows

British readers have until October 16th to come up with a fantastic way to spend (up to) £5,000 on "Proposals that demonstrate innovation in the live presentation of the music, for instance in the use of unusual venues, a strong visual presentation or new methods of performing live." The grants come from the PRS Foundation's 'Live Connections' scheme. They've funded some very cool projects in the past, including the Mighty Jungulator and the Score for a hole in the ground. Full details and the application form from here. (Thanks, Basil)

"Dear Sirs - my proposal involves a large quantity of lighter fluid and some upright pianos from a community recycling website..."

- housepig
Whoooohoooohooo. That's Classic!
LOLOLOL!!! Neat! You beat me to it. And you've got that continuity thing going, lest we forget about those mongoloidal students. Did anyone assassinate them yet anyway? It's totally in order.
I did see a show on TLC the other night about a guy who built a giant trebuche (catapault)to fling cars and flaming pianos....in which case I think burning a crappy old piano is justified if theres a big explosion at the end!
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