Vocoder's 'What Happens Now': Truth funnier than fiction

I'm always suspicious of excessively funny YouTube clips, like this, which purports to be a music video by a band called Vocoder. It features a gang of the kind of bearded guys who might have trouble flying from Malaga, miming in a supermarket with an SH-101. It's all far too perfect - right down to the misspelt 'Waht Happens Now' subtitle and the way the guy who looks like Borat starts rapping in the second half, so I assumed it was a trail for a new BBC2 series, like this and most famously this. However, it seems to be real. Vocoder were a Spanish band whose other hits included 'Love of Robot', 'Mindanao' and something which roughly translates as "My girl has a mess with satan". They're also featured in this history of Spanish electronic music. (via Matrix and nelcast)

I'm from Spain I don't know this band, but I think this is a program of the saturday morning at the national TV (there was no other in these times) called "caja de ritmos" (beat box). The correct translation is "My girlfriend has an affair with the devil" which is more interesting. You start seeing programs like this in your childhood and could finish visiting webs like "Music Thing" :) Blame on spanish TV! :))))
I quite liked the song!
HAHHAHAHHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!GREAT...Filthy Bassline on isle 6!And I hope and pray Borat has some shit like this in his movie!
that was great. . . zlad, eat your heart out !
Heres the trailer for the Borat flic
...this is way better than the Borat Movie trailer.

That's a belter of a reverb on her vocal eh? Blimey.
Come on, someone tell me that's any worse than the Human League.

Gee, these guys somehow scored the ultra-rare polyphonic version of the SH-101..
How else would he be able to play chords like that?
Jeez, Gloria Estefan looks rough in this one. This is the Miami Sound Machine right!?
....we have our first clue people. Our previous poster, Mr Sandwich, apparently is a founder member of Vocoder, or is closely related. Only he can solve the mystery.

The mystery, that is, of how these guys broke into the Tokyo Lab and stole Roland's only polyphonic SH101. And of how these guys stole Lexicon's top secret Impulse Response convoulton reverb and used it on this song, thus forcing Lexicon to go after non toilet bowl IRs and so changing music technology forever.
i want to dance, dance - in the morneeng
This is beyond awesome...
I'll add this to my Moldavian-esque playlist.

Just superb.

It sounds really good when played realllllllly loud.
This video is coming from "la bola de cristal", a show for children on spanish tv in the 80's.
Surely the best bit is when the guy starts picking TB-303s of the supermarket shelves!
Wish my grocery store carried 303s!
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