Two kids make the same beat, 6,000 miles apart

Two kids, sitting in bedrooms making beats with an MPC1000. Jaisu is in Edinburgh and noBru is in Brazil. Notice any other similarities? There's something quite wonderful about this, I think. (via 16 Pads Music Producers Cinema)

Other similarities? The user defined mpc1000 version 3.0? Wait until the 2500 update.

My advice, don't get a 1000.
I thought that was rather torturous. Also , the brazillian kid sounded way better. .. though it's not saying much... and , umm . . that's a pretty rudimentary beat..
I wonder if he is part of the wikkid Edinburgh hip hop kru, the Fountainbridge Collective (FBC)? They're always a-body-poppin' and a-rockin' the blockin' and whatever youngsters do these days... judging grafitti contests and souping up cars no doubt!!
The Scottish kid's wildly out of tune bassline was tortuous.

But the Brazilian kid made me want to bin my DAW and buy an MPC.
wtf? if you want to see some REAL MPC skills then check out "Jel" on Anticon records ... these kids aint doing shite proper. I agree that the kid from Brazil is better than the Scottish kid, the Scot boy is tone deaf.
It's the same sample. Funny. Does that come with the MPC?
Just goes to show... it's talent that makes a good hip hop track, not how much expensive equipment you have. Could have whipped that same beat up in Acid in 3 minutes.

i am amazed nobody has written a simple mpc software clone for windows. it is quite a fun way to work. you could spraypaint over your 98% of your monitor to make it more authentic.
Thanks Matrix, the only person who got the point.

This isn't 'Look at these musical genii in action' it was 'Look, two very different blokes use the same sample to make a similar track.'

I'll post some clever people on the MPC later. Check out Anchorsong...
i got the point, but its nothing new

this kinda shits been happening as long as presets have been around

hell, i saw a TV show that had RM1x patterns in the damn soundtrack
not sure why the scottish guy is sampling the 'preset' from vinyl...
does anyone recognised the samples they are using?

and the mpc1000 is buggy..gen an Sp1200 :)
Ah, but some of the RM1x presets are awesome (P08 GABBA)!
haha, y'all fucking buggin'...Jaisu's beat was a quick throwaway, he don't even use an MPC 1000 - anyone actually been to his myspace? obviously not...
and to gearjunkie, if you actually watched the whole of the Jaisu vid, you'd see the sample is mentioned at the end. jeez.....
and wot do i think of "two kids making the same beat, 6000 miles apart" - surely that brazilian kid watched the first vid, and thought he would re-enact it for us, big deal.
How about originality...says at least something about people making music nowadays.
its all about Mark de Clive Lowe on his MPC3000.
It kills me when I hear a tiny snippet of a sample I've used in one of my tracks a year later in a geico commercial, but this is ridiculous.
And here we see hip-hop in all its naked weakness: totally dependent on the real musicians who cut the vinyl grooves.

Remove that record from history and it results in neither of these chumps "making" anything.

"Make." Wow. That word is being tortured these days.
think the point here wasn't to point out two dope beatmakers. however, i still can't resist saying they mad suck! brazil over scotland!
"And here we see hip-hop in all its naked weakness: totally dependent on the real musicians who cut the vinyl grooves. "

wow. i havent heard something so dumb in a long time. first off, you ever here of i dont know...the entire 90's hiphop scene!!? all of it was keyboard beats, very very little sampling. and if you dont think sampling is a viable form of music then i guess you dont really listen to anything past roots blues. because a great arguement ca be made to say that all music after blues if just reworkings of blues. loser.
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