Tommy Saxondale's Mellotron Story

At 8:13 in this clip, Tommy tells his Mellotron story, which made my toes curl with embarrassment. (Readers outside Britain might wish to read this to catch up). Of course, if Tommy was a real roadie, not Steve Coogan in a wig, he would know that 10CC's seminal 'I'm Not In Love' was actually recorded with one twelve foot long 16-track tape loop, and not a Mellotron in sight.

Hey! lay off Tommy, soundnerd!
Whoa that SOS article was sick! thanks. I had to go and buy the song off itunes but i remembered it being kinda weird. Now i know it is in fact Quite weird.
WOW!!!, what a way to create a Masterpiece... We did some strange things in the studio in the 70's but nothing like that... hehehe
...well spotted Tom. And an excellent choice of still image of Steve in a Wig.
Given the ineptitude of Coogans character, I'd say the inaccurate 'Tron reference was spot on ;o)
He also made some reference to 'changing the fuse on Peter Frampton's vocoder' - except Framton used a Talkbox back then. Now he uses a Framptone...
I wonder if there's a script consultant making sure that all the music gear references are nearly right, but just wrong enough to be funny...
He had a great bit in Coffee and Cigarettes. I also liked him in 24 hour party people.
I wondered about deliberate mistakes the other week: He quoted Rush (Spirit of Radio) but then said it was on Hemispheres whereas (as we all know too well) it's actually on Permanent Waves...

I'll get me coat.
Wow, "I'm Not In Love" is truly a bizarre song, although I'd never really noticed before.
Unfortunately, YouTube has taken the video down...

Really interesting story about "I'm Not In Love". I had heard that they did it with tape loops, but I'd never heard all the details. The things people did back in the days before samplers...
Sadly, YouTube, in all their wisdom, have removed this clip :o(
Yes, but surely the point is that Tommy Saxondales stories about his roadying days are questionably a bunch of tall tales (i.e. he makes them up).

What about the leopard statue (or was it a tiger?) that Ritchie Blackmore had supposedly given him? It did seem somewhat unlikely. Yeah, he had a Stratocaster that Ritchie has also supposedly given him, but he could have gotten a Strat from anywhere. (I was also alarmed that he kept it on top of a pile of shelves out in "the Batcave", otherwise known as his garage!)
jesus you are as bad as tommy saxondale himself! the whole point of the character is that he is pedantic to the extreme and anally retentative where detail is concerned. Just shows that it works if people are willing to split hairs with tommy saxondale! when they wrote the scripts they obviously werent bothered to check up up on the accuracy of the anecdotes! they are just vehicles for the character and his amusing eccentricities!
Geeks! - Just laugh and move on.
When I watch The IT Crowd, I find the bad computer references actually make it funnier. Don't you get the same thing with Saxondale? I guess not.
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