Super-hot Moog Source pron shots

I don't normally post the straight-up synth pron, because Matrix does it so well, but this Flickr set of Gentle Bakemono's Moog Source is super-duper-hot.

You know I'll never get this whole synth pron thing.

It seems odd that people want to show off their gear with pictures rather than sound?

I mean, isn't the point of these things to create sound/music?

Or am I missing something?
How do those blue LED pushbuttons on the Defender sound, Paul?

I wouldn't totally discount the visual aesthetics of a piece of gear. Sure, sound is paramount, but cosmetics are important too. There is something to be said about showmanship -- I want my guitars to be beautiful, so I can understand if someone wants his synths to be visually appealing. At the very least, there's a psychological effect on the player when he's using a pretty piece of gear.
...what on earth are you talking about? "Bad pics of good gear" totally gives me the horn - awesome.
Yeah, those definitely had "that" reaction for me. That "good lord, woman!" reaction. Amazing shots.

Paul, it's a fetish. : )
Coincidence that Source prices started skyrocketing once Technology Transplant started making membrane replacements?

And somehow over time, the poor Micromoog has become the bastard Moog stepchild. All it takes is a simple mod, folks.
Sure, sound is the big one but don't forget that image is also powerful. Can you honestly say that a Keith Emerson performance would be the same if he left his Moog 'wardrobe' at home and just brought a laptop?
"Coincidence that Source prices started skyrocketing once Technology Transplant started making membrane replacements?"

Yes. There is some emo-ish band that uses them I think. It drives the kids with the websmarts bonkers.
analogue gear is hot sex. it looks as good as it sounds. you either under that or you don't. more gear pron, pleease!!! i'll have a box of tissues on standby ;-)
Or you can rewire it with buttons, though slapping on a new membrane would be easier I'm sure. Here's a button mod for the source:
That Micromoog mod Walkathon posted is a bad idea.
Moog used a cap about 1/200th of that size.
A large cap will pass lots of DC and can be a bad idea for several reasons.
People think they can outdesign Moog with these silly mods, but there are reasons certain parts were used.'s all about the lighting - these shots capture the sexiness of geek gear with the lights off and the leds and screens glowing. It totally works for me. Gear never looks that hot in broad daylight, that's why it's cool to work on tracks at night.
...Kevin Lightner has the best house I've ever seen in my life. Check the photos on his site. Almost makes me want to go visit the US, then I remember who's running the country.
..I saw this this morning. It's unbelieveably hot. Now my girlfriend seems even less exciting than she did before anyway. Thanks a lot Tom. Now I'm really really confused. How do I persuade her to get a Moog tattoo and stick blue LEDs on her knockers?
Pron shots?
Who's a good dyslexic boy today?
whos an good internet nub today?
Wow, just saw Kevin's reply now. Glad I didn't attempt that mod yet. But now how do I reply when moog fanboys complain how about the Micromoog supposedly doesn't push the bass its brethren do?
Kevin may have a point. The only reason I can think of that Bob and Jim put that bass-omitting c506 in there was to act as a "seat belt" for bass. After all, The micro was geared to some poor folks who may not have had the slightest idea of what DC can to to audio equipment.

On its lowest settings, the micro can get down to either 3 or 6 Hz. That is low enough to get dangerous.

However, Micheal Caloroso is not an idiot, and he is right about the waveform being compromised by the capacitor.

So, I think it is a safe modification. Its not like the capacitor is being removed and wired direct-they will still be there to protect against the truly damaging bass.

You can always put a warning sticker on the front panel right above the wide frequency knob that indicates that it has been modified and to be careful.
after messing around with all reported configurations of caps and arrangements, I have come to the conclusion that the bass modification does NOTHING but make the moog louder.

If there is a different capacitor blocking dc after the filter, perhaps that may be where the bass disappears. Lets try that first- and I will be looking as well.
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