Strange touch-panel bass/speech synth

Unfortunately I have no idea what's going on in this YouTube clip. But it's cool. (via MatrixSynth and Atomic Afro)

Isn't it a circuit bent Touch n Tell?
yeah some kinda circut bent toy....
funny he's jamming with joanna newsom!
maybe he can circut bend her harp...
It is a circuit bent Castlespring Geo Genius USA Quiz toy.
Is it possible to DIY that touchy membrane stuff?
Those 8-bit kids toy things get kinda disturbing when the batteries are going flat don't they...
It's always such a blast to watch circuit benders pretend like they have any control over their devices. No seriously, he's really PLAYING it, not just randomly hitting buttons. He writes out compositions and everything. It's not just annoying, arythmic, amelodic noise--really!
i like the joanna newsom in the background!
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