Music Thing Gear Sale

One of the consequences of writing Music Thing is that I seem to acquire a great deal of stuff, which fills up the room a bit. Time for a clear out. Here’s what I’m selling:
Waldorf Pulse 3 osc analog rack monosynth. Loud, bassy and tweakable. Has cool 'random patch' function. Like new. It's the bassline on this remix. £140
D&R Spring Reverb Gnarly stereo rackmount reverb. Noisy but effective, with a parametric mid boost/cut on each channel. Hear it here and here. £70.
Crumar Bit One: Huge Italian 'analog' 6-voice poly synth from 1984. Two grimy DCOs per voice. The same SSM filters found in a Fairlight II. Velocity-sensitive keyboard. MIDI. Lots of buttons. Fully working, with factory presets. Lots of pics here. £160 (Pickup Only)
Roland TR-505 The least sexy of all the Roland XOX boxes. Good through a bunch of effects. Easy to program. Comes with the original box. A couple of elements of the LCD don't work, and it's in 5/10 cosmetic state. £40.
Yamaha Rex-50 Lofi digital effects box. Hear it and read more here. Volume pot is very crackly. £21
Akai S2000 Sampler I've had this a whole week, and if you can deal with loading the OS from a floppy every time you turn it on, and pressing a lot of buttons, then it really does sound great. £25 donation to the charity of your choice (Pickup only)
Make me an offer. Pickup only items are very heavy and must be collected from SE London. I'll post anything else at cost. Paypal only. If you're interested or have questions, please email me. Finally, if you're selling an Akai MPC1000, I might be interested in buying it. (I found one on Gumtree, the nearest equivalent London has to Craigslist)

I'd love the TR-505 (as well as the Pulse, but moneys tight) but I don't have a PayPal account, nor do any of my friends. Any chance of any other kind of payment?
My first piece of kit.

It's the reason I never got signed.

I only ever used the hi and lo cowbell though.
The S2000 a bit too 'hardcore' for you eh?
Well never mind, thanks for comming to SDIY and thanks for offering the profits for your sale to charity!
To, are you anywhere near Fulham? I may be interested in the Crumar if I can sneak it in the house.
Tom, even
Jim (and anyone else) - Please mail me with specific questions.
Wow ! Owned by "Tom Music-Thing" , Google the name dude, he's kind a famous
wow, ditching an s2000.... you must really hate cool sounds!
I offer 20$ for the 505 sir!
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