The MPC1000's hacked OS now plays Pong

This isn't - as far as I can work out - a hoax, but a real screenshot from the next version of the unnoficial MPC1000 operating system, which appeared in June 2006. It's been created by an anonymous collective of Japanese hackers who post updates every week or so here. The MPC community have obviously been delighted: "This group of coders has been given the name JJ - short for Japanese Jenius. Of course, we now know that there is more than one Jenius at work here, and the group itself may or may not be 100% japanese, but the name JJ stuck. The JJ has breathed new life into the mpc1000. it has turned this little sampler into something faaaar beyond what we ever thought possible when we purchased it. Since the first beta, the JJ has released something like 20 updates. Bit by bit, this thing just keeps getting stronger, sturdier, and more loveable." The unnoficial OS has given the MPC1000 most of the functions of the more expensive MPC2500, and more. JJ are planning to sell a finalised version for $35, which will - apparently - include this version of Pong... (Thanks, MG)

Pong on samplers is nothing new - I've made many a rehearsal fly by playing pong on my K2000
Pong and Asteroids, I believe, have made it onto the Kurzweil KSP-8 effects unit as well. Good reason to spring for the remote.
But you know that Pong on the Kurzweil or Atari just doesn't have that MPC Feel!!
heh good one
they should be making the new os for the 2kxl because its much better than the 1k. thats right i said it. Big woop, wanna fight about it?
Yeah playing Pong on the 2kxl would be nice.
I can hear the Akai legal machine warming up as we speak.....
The most expensive pong machine...ever
Yeah, sure... Guitarists are the ones who are immature...
Looks like it has a bug, the game quit in the middle..
Is it coin op?
Now if only they would fix the "directory error" and "wrong files" that plauge the MPC1k!
That would be nice if you could use pong as your time keeper
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