Kaoss Pad 3 now official, and sexy

So, after Lukatoyboy's leak, Korg have released full details of the Kaoss Pad 3. Good things: It looks great, with a pixellated pad, a black body and crazy-ass gold mecha-style knobs. As promised, there are four sample pads, Recycle-style beat slicing, SD card/USB connections and messages scrolling across the pad. Bad things: Still only phono plugs out the back. Assuming Luka is right, price should be €400.

Wow. That looks like an old electronic game from the late 70's early 80's called Blip.
I've seen other people gripe about the phono plugs. Why are they considered a bad thing?

Pretty easy to get a phono to 1/4" cable.
Damn, dude, good call on the Blip reference:


Haven't thought of that game in ages.

re: phono plugs - I think they're a bummer too. Seems like most 1/4"-to-phono cables I come across are cheapo quality and who wants to buy special cables just to hook up one piece of gear? (not me). Phono plugs also don't feel as sturdy as 1/4" jacks.

The other option of having a 1/4" to phono adapter sticking out almost 2 inches off the back is just asking to get broken off...
I want one of those. Can someone give me an early birthday present?

phono->1/4" cables aren't too bad for hookups. Just get a quality cable with quality connectors.
I thought i didn't have a need for a kaoss pad in my studio, but now that it looks like something out of a Tie fighter cockpit, that just may change...
Mh, nice. Anyhow, is this kaoss awareness week or what? Hackaday is running a story about a nintendo ds doing midi AND somehow emulating kaoss pad.
some more pics on the german korg site:


looks pretty sweet.
the only issue with phono would be its lack of being a balanced cable. but odds are that doesn't matter for what this thing is used for.


kaoss pad is great for fx loops in the studio, especially when you are mixing variations and build ups with grooves. it does bum me out that this is the only unbalanced item in the rack. in addition to the 'proformance' article, as i understand it, a balanced cable gives a stonger current and thus a stronger signal. in the studio you want optimal...

other than that, this looks to be a great unit, with the sampler and fx, nice!!
It looks like Darth Vader had sex with the car from Night Rider. Awesome. I want one.

Another band that really rocks the kaos pad is Kill Me Tomorrow. They're crazy, especially live.

my KP3 was shipped today can wait to have this baby at home !!!
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