Hardcore Kaoss Pad video pron

Here is a great clip of Radiohead playing 'Everything in it's right place' with plenty of live Kaoss Pad action. Alternatively, here is the dude from Muse playing his guitar with a built-in Kaoss Pad. For slightly less rock'n'roll viewing, here is some guy demonstrating the Manson Kaoss pad guitar. It's not pretty.

more kaos pad maddness from last year's "Dance to the Drummers Beat," beat battle in Chicago.
The group Opus (Mush Records), use the Kaos Pad heavyly they made it to the finals.
for more battles go to:
While I can see the Kaoss pad potential, that Muse video was freakin' dumb. I love how they kept shooting to the Bass Player's right hand, like he even faked out the guy in the editing room...

"His head is bouncing.. Closeup the right hand... and.. Aww, damn."

Meanwhile said Bass player is still head bobbing along in 4/4 to the sound of cats being squeezed. (Yeah, man, Yeah....)

Ok, stop the intro... Time to play something completely different!

Lol, made my weekend and it's only Thursday. Could you start a "Pretentious performances at You Tube" in like Weekly installments? Awesome.
man all you need is preset #60 on that bitch. the rest is meh. m m m m mmeh eh eh eh

BTW Muse, the Delay Lama called and wants his vocal filter back. Oyyyyyooyyyy
what a let down, the manson doesn't really have a kaoss pad IN the guitar, just an XY control pad and a hold button, still have to hook up a kaoss pad outside of it.
the radiohead performance is great! thanks for the link.
i would like to take this opportunity to apologise to anyone whose enjoyment of Everything In Its Right Place was ruined at the Glasgow SECC performance in 2004 by two (male) students 'ironically' squealing "we loooove youuuu jonnyy!!" in an attempt to drown out the 'we love you thooomm'.
This was probably the first video of Radiohead I've seen where I was not left wondering "What the hell did what they where doing have to do with the sound that was being made?"
Case in point: during one performance on SNL there was a guy downstage left who keep twisting knobs on some ancient synth and I think repatching cords, but I couldn't for the life of my match his actions with any disernible change in the sound.
I just have to get myself a Kaoss Pad! When you don't hear them used buy sucky rave "dj"'s they rock!
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