Fender Rhodes Suitcase, going at goodwill for $13

Sincere apologies if you've been sitting tight in Indianapolis, hoping that nobody will notice this - what seems to be a mid '70s Fender Rhodes with matching amp, currently standing at $13. The description doesn't mention 'piano' or 'Fender', it just says: "These items are in used condition, have not been tested and will be SOLD AS IS. These auction items must be PICKED UP at our Indianapolis location. The Keyboard is marked Rhodes Seriel # 737407. The Amp is marked Rhodes Model FR 7710. The age of the pair is unknown. They weigh at least 150lbs each." (Thanks, Nestor)

I'd certaining buy it... If I had to put a couple of hundred bucks in it to get it working it would still be worth it...
Yah ..deals like this are everywhere,you just gotta dig for them and hunt the boards every fucking other hour...sorta reminds me of the guy who got the TB for $150 a few months back.I very happily picked up off of craiglist.org a Korg Karma with an SKB case, stand and got home to find out it had and EXB all for $300 bucks...buy a stand case and expansion board get a free Karma.My mom pawned her brothers vintage guitar collection when he passed for $400 bucks...yeah sometimes I wanna die thinking about it..I dont remember all of them but there was a 1940's Dobro in the collection.There are always ppl selling gems that they have no idea of the value so keep your eyes open..not just on the bay either!
i missed out on a moog rogue for $250 last week. ad on craigslist. i called the guy, we agreed i'd pick it up on the weekend, i called him saturday and he said he sold it the night before. bastard.
You obviously didÀ'nt want it bad enough!
It kinda reminds me of the mint Juno 60 and mint Rhodes mark 2 73 key I bought off craigslist, bith from one guy for $350 cdn.
I've bid that thing to $29. Seems a bunch of people are watching it. Hmmmm, wonder why?
And thingking I've sold one like these about 20 years ago (yes I'm that old, well old?) because we thought modern technology would make them obsolete (and yes a Rhodes IS heavy, but who cares...). Sold an SH 101 too...yawn, yawn.

How foolish one can be!

P.S. been monitoring this blog for some time now. Fun reading, keep up the good work!
I bought my Suitcase 73 on Craigslist for $125 because three of the speakers were blown and the tines needed adjustment; three hours with a screwdriver and I had a working Rhodes (never got around to replacing the speakers).

Honestly, it just doesn't fit into my workflow at all, which is primarily Logic-based, and I have some amazing-sounding Rhodes plugins and samples that I use instead. But the main reason I haven't sold it is that I know it will only increase in value, whereas any money I sink into plug-ins will go right down the drain.
DOPE! I picked a Rhodes suitcase and amp set up at a Flea Market a couple years back for $85. Now my deal dosn't seem quite as sweet.
I got a Rhodes a number of years back, Stage model 73 for $300. I have found that you can get a really junky model or a really great model for the same price- you just have to be on the lookout. AND, to make things more complicated. Sometimes the one that look the junkiest sound the best!
I remember when pawn shops were good -- before they all found Ebay.

Goodwill is pretty great tho, that's for sure. I got a very cool retro clock radio for 7 bucks, and a cool artistic chair for 5.

No such luck as ultra-organs or super-synths for me tho.
I had a suitcase seventy-three with matching amp cab... traded it for a Roland JC-120 amplifier. I was moving, and the Rhodes was really heavy... oh, and mostly I was an idiot.
ergh...yeah, i'm that guy who was watching it at 13 bucks. thanks.
I picked up a virtually unused Sony C-37A at Goodwill about 10 years ago. In case, with manuals, etc.
They wanted $40, but it was 25% off day!
God bless Goodwill
I got a Wurli 200A for 60 bucks at a local flea market perfect shape (Marked down from $120). Thought at first a couple keys were stuck but it was just a penny that had fallen in between!!!
I got a Wurli 200A for 60 bucks at a local flea market perfect shape (Marked down from $120). Thought at first a couple keys were stuck but it was just a penny that had fallen in between!!!
You guys are so lucky! I never had ANYTHING just fall into my lap from some ignorant hick farmer who just happens to find a Prophet Pro One in his attic and sell it at a yard sale for $15. Back in my day (1992), I had to deal with small music shop owners selling those black plastic Ibanez guitar pedals - you know which ones I'm talking about - for a whopping $60 instead of the $5 it takes to grow them on shrubs......grrr....

Now everyone will be on the Goodwill site swiping up $10 MG-1s which are described by the seller as "some kind of keyboard thing."
actually, goodwill's auction site is closely monitered by collectors, so getting a good deal is a challenge, if it's even possible at all. and the "AS-IS" will bite you more times than not--ask my friend who bought an acoustic guitar that turned out to have a crack at the base of the neck...the action on that thing gets a little worse every day. so whether this currently $201 rhodes is worth it or not will only ever be known to the potential sucka who ends up driving to indianapolis for it.
funny that Wurli 200a's get mentioned - I just found one two weeks ago at auction for $25.

two dead keys, and pots are a little scratchy, but otherwise solid and it sounds sweet.

meanwhile, a Roland SynthPro 80 with no power supply and a broken power switch went for $40, with a lot more bidding... wtf?

- housepig
Thank you explaining what the photo was about. I couldn't identify it at first until you explained. I am interested to buy it for my brother. Am I the best sister or what!
finally ended at $276.00 USD .
hey anon.- i think i bought your moog rogue for $250 on craigslist-- Providence CL?? Not only is it in great shape and has a case, but has some unlabeled mods (knobs) that are mysterious, and sound cool. i guess i shouldnt mention the ARP Soloist for $10 at a flea market (down from $50 "it might not work!" - it did) or the free sh-1000 when i worked at salvos (currently FS on CL due to recent moog purchase, heh, heh). missed out on a real les paul for $300 once, and a 70's stat for under 200... also stupidly sold an old marshall head for 1/2 its value due to the amount of weed i was smoking at the time. oh well.
I got a rhodes 88 suitcase with a large shopping bag full of tines and rubber tips for free, but I had to move it.
Hi guys,

sorry I am new here. In the last comment someone mentioned his Rhodes 88. Is it for sale? If not, can you help me where to look for such products on the net? I am in Europe but am able to arrange shipping and want this thing so much.


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