Are you geek enough to wear...

... the analog synth belt buckle? MT reader Matt bought a similar one yesterday and says "I don’t know if this is tres super-cool, or very super-dork". Got to love that crazy 9-knob filter setup... This one is eBay item #180016402814 for $18.99, but search for 'synthesizer belt' and there seem to be a few around.

Am i too geeky to notice that a F# missing!?
Yeah, you are. I dunno though, the keyboard is still correct..they're just missing half an F#. It wouldn't look good if it was there, man. This is a FASHION piece, remember? Gotta look good.
Maybe it's a perfectly tuned E# in between.

I don't think this is too geeky. I think it's *not geeky enough*. I want a buckle that has a perfect, working reproduction of a Jupiter-6 with sampled sounds, down to every last knob. Oh, and no missing keys, thank you.
Would be a perfect match for my piano neck tie!
i have one of these in old skool red

you can program lewd messages into your groin and repel women.
I checked, and they seem to have other electronic-music themed buckles. Including:

DJ Turntable

"the keyboard is still correct"


So nobody else noticed the key between E and F?

The MPC one is awesome. Good work musicthing crew.

Are they so square that they're hip?
I might consider a "Madonna Belt Buckle" then again Prolly not...

If I'm gonna display what is mine then I guess a few "General Bars" on each shoulder depicting "Moogs", "Arps" and anything that relates...
Now if this was an actual minimoog that worked, then i'd buy it!
The keys on the right are accurate, it's a classic Boite Diabolique layout (separate from the rest of the keyboard).
makes me feel less dorky about my cassette buckle!
Glad you all like it.

I actually designed this belt buckle, and the seller selling it is thealleychicago, which is also run by the company I work for as well. We have a few more music themed ones in the works: A rack of synths, compressors, deessers etc, som old school stereo equipment, and a few others. I personally like the sampler buckle best.
that's reel nice son, this here's what I carry...
Never mind the keyboard... where are the envelopes man!?
For some reason they don't ship the mixer one to Canada...too likey a lot!
Dan, I just talked to the people who run our auctions so you can now buy in Canada, it was erroneously listed as USA only.

BTW, that's a very nice buckle, another of my designs ;).

Make a Virus belt buckle.
I have this :D but I guess I might be a geek...
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