Anonymous reader's cool DIY touch-screen interface

In the comments for this post about multi-touch interfaces, an anonymous poster tells this story: "I got my hands on a [mono] touch screen and use it as a second monitor on my music PC. I wrote a drum grid editor thing (inspired by those little LED-button-covered boxes you reported on [the Monome?] that syncs with a midi device. Anyhow, it's very cool to use." Slightly bigger picture here. UPDATE: He says "It's totally free if anybody else has a touch screen and wants it (it'll work on a non-touch screen too, of course)." I'll post a link as soon as he sends one.

great stuff ! would be nice to have this for PDA ( or your Tungsten T3) with midi-interface.
yeah! i would like that a lot!
Theoretically, if the interface size could be reduced to 320x320 on the PC screen, you could use PalmVNC over Bluetooth to control it with your PDA (although you'd still need your laptop).

I made a post about getting PalmVNC running here:

You couldn't have a midi interface on a Tungsten though because there is (as yet) no midi interface available for Palm PDAs.

Another option would be writing a new piece of software specifically for use on Palm - the best bet would be to use HB++ (, although it costs £100 so I won't be doing it any time soon unless I win the lottery ;)
A (PDA-)bluetooth midi-interface, that would be pretty rad ! I imagine some nice DIN-plug bluetooth device plugged into the Midi-ports of musical gear and controlling it from my bed ! ( in which i am now just dreaming about..)
God, that looks great. Nice looking interface design that man.

How much are 15 inch touch screens going for...?

Wonder how much of a problem it is only being a monotouch screen?
ultra sick .. who ever did that should get a music thing hero .. well mabey not but it's still rad -
Nice, but I still want to play with one of those 'audiopad' things ;-
is there a reason you can't send midi (or for that matter OSC) over bluetooth or wifi from a pda?
You can send midi over bluetooth, Olivier Gillet (Bhajis Loops creator) made a small app that does just this for example, but then you have to use a computer with bluetooth to receive the message.

If there was a harware bluetooth-midi interface then you could use a palm to control hardware devices without a computer...
do you have a link for that palm midi over bluetooth app? i just got a little bluetooth dongle for my pc
Anonymous: I couldn't find the bluetooth app but this is the page of the guy that supposidly created it and his other programs
anyone have any recommendations on a good touch pad?
Thanks Godzilla Frog :o)

I've tried running this on my owrk PC and get all sorts of error messages. I'll try it at home and if I still encounter problems, I'll drop you a line :o)

Thanks for your altruistic donation :o)
in addendum to my previous post, I have tried this at home now and it works a bloomin' treat !!

Great stuff !!

Good Karma dude !
There are MIDI interfaces for Palms, and there is an application which does a very similar drum grid as well as analog-style bass/lead line pattern sequencing: Beatpad from Minimusic, who also has MIDI hardware.
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