10 greatest beat-making videos ever*

Also: 10 MORE greatest beat making videos ever | Hip Hop producers on YouTube | All MPC coverage
1) Here is Masaaki (aka Anchorsong) from Tokyo, playing live with an MPC2000 and a Triton keyboard, building the tracks as he goes along. More great clips here and here.
2) Here is Daltron from Melbourne, playing an incredible live drum solo on the MPC4000 (it's a MySpace video. I'd say it's worth typing in your password, but not worth registering specially...)
3) Here is Pete Rock sampling, remixing and singing along with 'Love is a Battlefield'
4) In this report on an Atlanta beat battle, there's no live MPC action, but it provides several answers to the age-old question: 'What the hell kind of face am I supposed to pull when my music is playing on big speakers, people are listening, and I don't have any gear to fiddle with?'
5) Here is the old-school version - making beats on an Emu SP-1200. Love the sliders.
6) Here is DJ Shadow talking about his ancient MPC60, the machine he made 'Endtroducing' on. The clip has cruddy sound and Shadow always comes across as pretty irritating, but it's history.
7) Here, speaking the international language of Akai, is French producer 20Syl, with a step-by-step guide to making laid-back MPC/Rhodes/Loops hip hop for expensive Parisian bars.
8) Here is Just Blaze putting together a big horn sample and some beats. It's nice to see that even big name producers spend most of their time stroking their chin thinking: 'Hmm... This sounds OK, but what am I going to do next?'
9) Here, DJ Quik talks eloquently and at great length about his custom MPC3000.
10) If you've actually read all the way to the bottom of this list, then here is a treat to say thanks.
(via 16pads and everyone else who posted these in forums...)
*Or, you know, today.

all of these are great ... but how could you leave Jel (on Anticon records) off of this list? Watch a boy tear it up ...

Time after time the skills are there, if only the content was original instead of stolen..
That was brilliant. Thanks for posting these. I popped my two favorites from the post on Matrixsynth.

the sp1200 link isn't loading...
i'm constantly amazed at the level of stupidity on the youtube comments. people actually thought the cardboard mpc thing was serious!
just goes to show how many defensive egotistical hip hop 'prah-doosahs' there are.
YouTube comments are super-dumb, but I'm constantly amazed at how many musicians hate hip hop. Whenever I mention hip hop here, or someone asks about it on the various synth geek forums, it's always a matter of seconds before someone:
a) Says it's all sampled and not original
b) Mentions Anticon records as the only source of proper hip hop
all u need to say in those cases is j. dilla.
i enjoyed some of those - the silent french guy was cool.
maybe some of you with the necessary 'mad skillz' can enlighten me - do the MPC devices default to that over-the-top swing resolution for the rhythm patterns?...
i'm not a big fan of it myself.
i can appreciate the 'ear' for finding new music on old though.

the you tube comments are ridiculous though - why don't these people have a sense of humour...
Same idea, but with all original content, and REAL musicianship, you must see Michael Brecker and his EWI + rack of equipment building "beats"

"Shadow always comes across as pretty irritating"

thank god, somebody agrees with me.
Ortho is spot on. You can't just press the buttons on your mpc, you have to do a ninja stabbing type move. I'm all for sampling and hip hop but all the lame posturing is embarrassing.
Those videos of that Yohage dude are freakin amazing!

That's the last straw....I'm buying an MPC tomorrow.
I'm sure everyone has an opinion on this - but for my money, the best guys doing live beat making are 'Hifana' from Japan.

Picked up their CDs last year in Tokyo. They come with DVD full of very cool live clips and animation. You Tube has taken down most of the best stuff unfortunatly, but there's some live here:


and there's the Wamono video still on there (sometimes gets aired on 120 minutes)


It's all live. Their basic setup is a couple of MPC's (a 2000xl and a 1000 I seem to remember), a Handsonic, a small percussion kit and a Pioneer CDJ.

Recommend getting a copy of 'Channel H', their album from last year. Wonderful stuff and the DVD is worth the price alone.

"Same idea, but with all original content, and REAL musicianship, you must see Michael Brecker and his EWI + rack of equipment building "beats" "

OMG no you didn't just drop the name of the almighty michael brecker as a riposte to the "wrongs" of hip-hop!!!! that is just too rich... that clip just goes to show how much of a freak accident/inspired genius-level decision the MPC is/was vs. the EWI - same akai engineers, completely different level of acceptance in the unforgiving eyes of history...
Some of these are great, I've nothing against hip-hop at all..
It almost makes me want to go and buy an MPC?000 to replace my ES-1, which now looks really rather in-adequate!
gnarles barkly is great, as is abunch or stuff, but I'm learning to hate hip hop because
seriously. go turn on your radio/tv
it's stupid.
rappers now-adays can barely speak english, let alone rap.
kanyae west is the biggest dumbass that ever opened his mouth. too bad those production skills come with such a colossal douche bag.
i can't believe that people buy his retarted half-baked conspiracy theory bullshit and claim it's "conscious social commentary"
"government administered aids?"

it's popular because it's the lowest common denominator.

oh and rap production is retardedly simple.
I got some shit that I personally think is a little more intricate that say Jel. they posted it on 16 pads and shit. you should check it out if you dig live MPC shit. youtube link follows...

this is machine drum he should be on your list, guy
Cool blog. What do you all think about mouth grillz?
There is a producer by the name of Mohip. I think he will be the next big producer. Listen to his tracks, they just have that sound that sells records. I found him on you tube a few months ago, and got hooked on his videos. Tell me what you guys think of this producer www.youtube.com/essomj. I think this guy is the real deal.

Great post by the way.
That's hot! You know what else is tight? The hip hop jewelry I found at ballersice.com.
So funny to hear some dumb ass fat cheeseburger faced americans hating on hip hop... i just remember the days where avantgarde jazzmens had to find their audience in Europe because americans were just dummies ignoring and hating on the players...

In europe we just think hip hop can be creative, kanye west doesnt represent hip hop to me but simplicity in music is not a factor of stupidity.

but i guess i just wasted my time with you guys, just stay obese and stupid.


from DJ Kenta aka ScartchZilla.
real original beat. please check it!
pete rock rules!
YouTube comments are super-dumb, but I'm constantly amazed at how many musicians hate hip hop.
I'm not really sure about that, but did you notice, as time goes by, hip hop and rap are as much as aggressive like what rockers were before?

Maybe you just haven't been with a community that likes hip hop and making rap beats.
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