Trogotronic: Beautiful, expensive noisy boxes

Trogotronic sell hand-built and customised analog tube gear, like this 'hotrodded' Heathkit oscillator (which must be pretty hot for $600, but does look wonderful). They also do cheaper all-new noise boxes, and 'crude audio controllers' - I particularly like the look of the Iron Cross, which seems to be a bomb-proof old arcade joystick which switches between the four audio inputs. Would be handy for the Nord G2, which has 4 outputs. Speaking of the Nord G2, I just made this patch which you might enjoy. (Thanks, Devin, and previously on Get Lofi)

A friend of mine has the Ogre. It sounds pretty good, but I thought "why spend $500 when you could get the same sounds from a circuit-bent keyboard that cost a dollar?"
why go for a walk in the park? why not just pop a pill?
Tis a very pretty box.
Thomas Dolby?

Oh wait. He'd have to remove the bent analogue innards and replace it with a circuit-bent dollar store keyboard.

Apparently I have it all wrong: I've been trying to stop 60 hz hum in my studio.

sheesh! ka! bob!
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