Tenori-On & Scrambled Hackz live in Manchester

As part of the Futuresonic festival, the Instrument exhibition, at the Museum of Science and Industry in Castlefield, Manchester, is a bit like Music Thing Live. You can see the wonderful Scrambled Hackz, the so-weird-I-never-got-round-to-posting-it iLog, the first UK performance by Toshio Iwai with his Tenori-On. Best of all, Peter Hindle will be showing his Duelling Etch-a-Sketch project. The exhibition runs from 20-29th July, with the Tenori-On show on the 21st. Full details on the very trendy and hard to navigate website here. (Thanks, Sacha)

I'll be doing a presentation about the Etch-a-Sketch project - thanks for the big-up! - on the 22nd, at 4pm. There are also a lot of other presentations on the same day, including a presentation by the iLog group Owl Project.

I've posted a report on his talk here

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