Supercute synth: Bleep Labs Thingamagoop

Seven reasons why I can't think of a nicer way to spend $100 than on a Thingamagoop mini synth from Bleep Labs:
1) There's nowhere near enough anthropomorphism in synth design
2) This movie
3) Flashing lights + weird noises = double threat
4) You can customise your own with a neat online colour-picker
5) It has a ledicle. Like a tentacle, but with a LED
6) John-Mike, who designed it, also makes other cool stuff
7) They actually explain what's going on, with an oscilloscope. (Thanks, Kim)

Now that's just cute :)
where can you actually buy one of these things?
Totally cute! My daughter would love these things. Very cool.
They are cute and the video is fun. But that really is a peice of garbage for $100.
You can buy them at
Just click on "customize".
$100 is like £60 real money. That strikes me as pretty fair. The components probably cost a small fraction of that, but that's hardly the point: The price of a meal in a restaurant doesn't reflect the cost of the ingredients. It's the kind of thing you'd buy and only use a couple of times but to characterise it as 'garbage' strikes me as a trifle harsh.
I just think they're supercool and this company will sell a bundle as gifts or to use as "toys" more than musical instruments.
Piece of garbage for $100? What price do you normally pay for optically-controlled anthromorphic synths? Are you sure you should reading Music Thing?
That is awesome. I'm with Mikey; The parts may not cost much but that is totally not the point, it's a piece of handmade art that looks as cute as the milk carton in that Blur video, plus it lights up and makes fucked up noises. Genius.
Yeah, it gets a thumbs-up from me too!

I want one. I think I'm going to order one. I'm going to do it. YUes, I'm going to bloody do it!
Yeah, it's a cute designer thing. $100 is a normal price for something designer-y like that.

But, in the video, it didn't really get cool until there was more than one thingamagoop.

aaaaand, out comes the credit card
I only thought it was mildly cute, until I saw the part where they were on a turntable. IT'S SO FRIGGEN ADORABLE!

Of course you could easily build one yourself for cheaper but admit it, it wouldn't look a tenth as cool. And isn't it really about the way gear LOOKS?
being a long time avid reader of music thing i must say, [this is good]
i bought one over a year ago, and all i can say is that is is awsome and i love it. worth every penny
it's products like this that make it all worth while. Can't wait until payday
officially, any product offered that makes bloops, is battery powered, has a strobing light, knobs and jacks, a goofy face, 'personalized" color options, made by hand, for $100...... a fucking beautiful thing and anyone who disagrees is a humorless playa hater.
That thing is a must-have! especially for only $100.
Just ordered one... It'll look cool on my desk at work! and as a bonus I can use it to annoy others in the office!
The last scene at the end of the movie turned me on.
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