Super-hot boutique effects from Brazil

In Sao Paolo, Brazil, Marcelo Giangrande makes MG amps and effects pedals, which you can buy (for $$$$$) at Pedal Geek or the wonderful Vintage & Rare Guitars. I like the sound of the pink 'That's Echo Folks' analog delay pedal, which comes with a photoelectric sensor on the end of a cable (not unlike this). The light sensor controls delay time, which must make for extreme wierdness. It's also hard not to love the Louis Vuitton-style Pub guitar amp.

heh, printed on the 'lexotone': [sic] "if it causes drowziness, we don't know but you defenetly play better your rock 'n' roll."
No clear answers, just rock.
copies with a fun case. that´s what you´re paying for.
Yeah, but they're copies of good things with the right bits and pieces in 'em. I took my Behringer Vintage Overdrive apart last week to verify the claim that it contains "the original 4558 opamp". Well, it certainly has a 4558 in it: a nasty little surface mount thing. On the other hand the Vision DST-5 I found in my cupboard has a JRC4558D which is the actual TS-808 opamp and waddya know it does actually sound better...the little details make all the difference in the world of effects.

If these actually have the bits they claim (like matching AC128s in the fuzz box - although you could argue it should be NKT275s) then it goes some way to explaining the price. But not a long way.

And anyway, every knows Zvex wins in any custom case competition.
These pedals make sense to a high-end market in Brazil; you can't get a fulltone or any other boutique clone there even if you want to; if the seller agrees to ship, you'll end up paying 100% of the total price (including shipping) of taxes. This means around 450 bucks for a $ 200 pedal.
So the boutique guitar players have a source of quality pedals there.
But who would buy these things at the US or Europe? if you want a boutique clone, there are so so so many shops that build and sell them around here for prices better than those...
very true, mr anonymous, very true

what i'd really like is some new effects. correct that. some new analogue effects. there's lots of digital whizzery out there but it all sounds like bees in a cereal packet to me. which is great if that's what you want. but if you want a big fat moogy guitar sound, then you have to analogue. are there any analogue effects designers left?
Wow... Electronics cost so little in Brazil that I would expect these things to ship under 50 bucks.
These pedals are clones of good things, but then even clones sound and behave differently to the originals and even each other, and these pedals do sound really great.
There are so many Rangemaster clones on the market, for example, as its a very simple circuit. I have tried loads of them and they are all good in their own right but only one got close to the original Dallas rangemaster and that was the BSM, but then it still missed a certain something! People will always buy cool boutique stuff if it sounds good to their ears whether it sounds close to an original or not. I don't really see the point in wanting to sound exactly like "Brian May" , it doesnt really push the boundaries of individuality!
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