Shiny Shiny! Boss Micro-BR tiny four-track

Roland just announced this at Summer NAMM. It's a four track digital recorder, records to SD card, built in drums and effects. Nothing very special, no phantom power, but... SHINY!

any ideas on a price yet? other than "low", as it says on that site?
I really like the looks of it. I usually hate silvery things but this one looks so good. Oh and the screen. How could i hate a blue fluorescent screen???
there are loads of synths and drum machines,but i dont understand why nobody has written a simple multitrack recorder for my mda vario windows mobile phone. no effects, nothing, just four tracks of sketch pad... aaaahh...
it's funny that they chose the 4-track archetype- why four?
It makes me want to take my tape recorder out of the closet..
Roland told me that the street price would be about $250! Ouch. It is a very cool device however. I saw it at NAMM. Note that the USB is for data transfer only. It does not wok as an audio input.
i bet they will have v-tracks. so 4 tracks virtualized to who knows how many. 16? I just bought a used zoom palm recorder and thought 'man, someone is going to make this better and easier', no sooner said than done.

drums, bass, and built in mic are hopefully good.
Found a demonstration video here, includes mention of $319 list price so probably $250 street could happen...
gearwire Boss Micro BR Video
Looks like a great new product from BOSS. I found the current web price at this link:
Does the Boss Micro-BR allow one to upload your own MP3 files to a PC with, say, your standard configuration of windows XP, and standard memory via the usb? Does the Roland R-09 upload WAV, MP3... Cakewalk Pyro 5 @ $39.00,USD, yes, $39.00,USD works. A portable WAV/MP3... recorder to upload WAVE/MP3... files with would be nice!
It looks great, but how good is the stereo line/mic input? If you can use an external stereo mic with it for live recordings( with good fidelity), this is a replacement for my minidisc, zoom ps04 and tascam cd trainer all in one...
Does it actually have a stereo mic in? Is the actual input jack stereo?
I got hold of one of these and am making notes of various things I find, which may answer some of the questions here - NB: For a 16 track mixer for MDA or smartphone, you could always try
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