Novation Xio: Real poly synth/controller for £229

Novation have just press released their uncomfortably-named XioSynth, an all-in-one synth, audio interface (with phantom power and mic preamp) and MIDI controller. It seems very small and cute - running on 6 AA batteries, with 8 voice polyphony, 200 presets, USB, a semi-weighted keyboard and built in effects (delay/reverb etc). Each voice has "3 Oscillators (17 waveforms + Noise), 1 filter of varying types, 2 LFOs". It has a 32-step gate sequencer - at the moment all it does is gate, but "we are already in discussion about other uses (e.g. modulating the filter) so it will be expanded in an OS update in the near future". Seems like great value at £229 (with a 49 key version at £299) - making it considerably cheaper than a MicroKorg, and with full-sized keys and more knobs. If you're loooking for a MIDI controller and would also like a little synth for deckchair tweaking, this could be for you.

i've been trying to make up my mind between a microkorg or a micron, i reckon i might go for this instead... anyone seen or heard it in action/had a go?!
Been thinking of selling the Virus for just a keyboard and an interface (with enough left over for such things as that 100$ cutey mentioned earlier). This is both. Gotta see more specs. I'll be interested in seeing the inputs they put in it. The ozonic-or-whatever seems to have odd inputs. I also miss the mod sequencer of the ms2000.

The Virus is just not fun to program. I know it sounds great but I just don't like programming it. Besides I plan on getting my sounds from diy jobs.
why would anyone buy this instead of an x-station?
"why would anyone buy this instead of an x-station?"

price-sensitive people, maybe?
"why would anyone buy this instead of an x-station?"

It actually has better features than the X-Station at the moment. It has a sequencer, modelled filters, and the ability to use the keyboard as a MIDI controller and a synth simultaneously, none of which the X-Station is currently capable of.

Oh, and it's cheaper.
I'd want to try it out first of course, but this seems like a good value.
hey ive just bought a microkorg and am beginning to have second thoughts on the matter, is this thing actually better? any advice?
played with the korg micro for a few minutes and didn't like it at all - feels like such a cheap "toy"

I do recommend the Alesis Micron - great sounds, nice keys, great bang for the buck.

This piece looks promising, but I think you really gotta get your hands on one to see.
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