New from Zvex - the Ringtone guitar pedal

Zachary Vex's latest (well, March 2006) invention is the Ringtone. Unfortunately, it won't make everything you play sound like the Crazy Frog. It's a ring modulator with the carrier signal coming from an 8 step sequencer. That sounds like blah blah science blah until you watch this [QT] wonderful demo video. I was so inspired, I spent a whole 25 minutes making this Nord G2 patch based on the pedal, which doesn't sound or look nearly as cool, but doesn't cost $349, either...

i love these zvex effects i looked at all of them at NAMM - i want the Probe pedals and a 1 watt guitar amp please!
it's a great presentation. it reminded me of cabel saser's DS-lite reviews (which are only just slightly musicthing-ish, if you squint)
I've made a max/msp patch that works like this and the other seek pedals, except it works with VST plugins by changing parameter values.
Zvex pedals are amazing. I have the Super Hard On, The Wah Probe, and a nano-head amp. All carefully hand-built and beautifully painted, the are worth every penny.

Zach Vex himself may be one of the nicest guys I've had a chance to deal with. I had to call him about a tube change, and the customer service was WAY over the top.

Check out the "Lo-Fi Loop Junky", a testament to art in analogue. My next Zvex....
I had a nord patch that was similar as well. I will try to dig out the patch from my archive or some recordings from back then. The way I used it was to send root notes from looped midi parts to the ring mod freq, result being that my distorted guitar tone got a nice harmonically motivated ring mod, which was fun.

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thank you
I love it!.....but I don't have $349 or a Nord Modular. Any one have an idea how I might achieve something similar with my Strat and Logic Pro? tia ~ m
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