Miami Vice theme axed from new film

Lyle writes with horrifying news that the new Miami Vice film, out this weekend, has no trace of Jan Hammer's theme, let alone the original video, which saw Jan playing his Fairlight and running about with an attache case. The trailer for the new film has Jay-Z & Linkin Park's 'Numb-Encore'. Their video featured a guy playing piano with an MPD-16 drum pad. It's hardly the same thing...

pathetic... it's what I was most looking foward to, frankly...
cant say im a big fan of modern commercial music, i.e. "hiphop"

how long will this bullshit last?
awakened_yeti: Too bad linkin park isn't hiphop. But, if you look to your right you'll see Timbaland as one of the favorite producers here. Maybe if you're open for it, you could do some research before you post.
correction police :)
you should just f*ck off & die somewhere, dipsh!t.

get your end will change your life!
why should i give a fuck if timbaland is a "favorite producer" here? im not interested in sucking toms dick

ive done my research, and commercial hiphop blows monkeynuts.. heres a research tip for you dumbass - Jay Z| is a hiphop producer.. and Linkin Park has been slingin that shitty ass 311 style hiphop/rock garbage for years

yeh im not a fan of the mass market hiphop crap - but thats just my personal opinion.. im sure it wont stop the majority from jacking off to some Black Eyed Peas

its good for your brain - to wit: the "correction police".. get your end wet.. what a fucking retard
Sounds wack beyond compare TBH, what would Sunny say?
No need to worry I won't be seeing this "Umm" Movie anyways...
again.... Jay Z isn't a hiphop producer either.
Come on, let's not be haters. We have a common enemy: any film that dares take out the Hammer from Vice. It hurts. It hurts so bad.

It's funny, because you'd think at least remixes of these themes would make their way into the films ... I think they are widely recognized and widely loved.

Let's hope Snake on a Plane does better with its soundtrack.
Whaaaa? They left out the Hammer?
Oh My God.
That's like forming a Beatles tribute band that consists of four Ringos.
I intend to download this movie on bitorrent then overdub the Hammer when and where it's needed ie extended version at the beginning, all the way through the middle and several times at the end, then upload it to youtube for the pleasure of all here. I'll also cut in the attache case scene frequently. No need to thank me, just doing for free what some coke snorting latte hound got paid a zillion bucks for.

Get it up ya Hollywood.
I thought Jay-Z was done "making music" and has become a political figure with his latest calls to boycott Cristal

As far as the video goes, I stopped watching 20 seconds into it. Super lame. I wonder if Linkin park is trying to jump start their career again by teaming up with a Rap Star, just like Aerosmith and Run DNC back in the day.
Jay-Z is hardly the worst hiphop MC, but this just bores me to tears. There is no way Hollywood can convince me to pay $8 for this shite.

Timbaland ain't exactly perfect either (Nelly Fartudo)

But then again, i don't think i'd pay $8 for a new Jan Hammer release either. Still the old MV theme just rips shit and they can't take that away!

BOOOOOOOO on Miami Vice 06.
I've also seen trailers on TV that use Curve's excellent "Hell above Water" track.
The real gem of the Miami Vice OST is "Crocket's Theme", still as good as ever. And BTW, are you really surprised that it's not a good movie? They got "Ray" and an Irishman with a handlebar mustache as the lead characters...
Crocket's Theme is the much better track from Miami Vice. Miami Vice theme is cool in a kitch kind of way, Crocket's Theme is a pretty decent song in a real kind of way.

But regardless, the movie is not a "remake" of Miami Vice, it is supposed to be what Miami Vice was going to be until the networks watered it down and changed it up, and whack Don Johnson's ego ruined the series. Even though the trailer looks cheezy, I must say that Heat and Collateral were fresh movies.
Did any of you know that MOGWAI is actually on this shit soundtrack?!!

here is an excerpt of an interview from the houston cronicle
They actually spoke to the hammer...
actually they did a few articles
I don't give a f*ck, I'm still gonna see the movie.
STOP! Hammer time!!!!!
there are some pretty good hip hop producers and rappers out there, with a big fetish for and use of nice gear, but you're still allowed to hate hip hop music. I really hate thee miami vice-tune, especially the "electric guitar", but i still think it's cool, because of it's nostalgia
Electric Guitar? Erm, Keytar?!

Oh dear someone's missed the point there somewhat. I still love you Hammer.

And I propose a different thread for any Hammer haters - this one's about the love.
Since this one's about the love, I'll say I love Jan Hammer's first solo album "The First Seven Days." One of the greatest synth albums ever!
Here's a link to The First Seven Days at iTMS
I second that. 'The first seven days' is a masterpiece. All should check it!
I like the Knight Rider theme better
I still think someone should put together my proposed supergroup"

Synths: Jan Hammer
Vocals: MC Hammer
Drums: Hellhammer

They would cover such songs as "Hammer to Fall," "If I had a Hammer," ....etc

and would be the greatest thing ever.
F Jan Hammer... I'm I the only person who hates both of these songs?

I do like that supergroup idea though...
...yes you are the only person who hates both of these songs. So spread your anti-hammetism somewhere else.
Saw it yesterday and am still coming to terms with the loss of 2 hours of my life on that SH#T movie. BOOOO!
....yeah you'll never get that time back eh! You should sue them.
Does anyone know where I can find a copy of the Miami Vice Theme '06 recently redone by Jan Hammer. I'm told by his management that this is a "Radio only release" and not available commercially. Any clue?
I think they kept Jayz & Linkin Parks Numb Encore out of the soundtrack because that would've been the best part of the movie...
linkin park and jay z encore is a good song, the jan hammer is in the movie but not the one everyone recognises
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