Korg Kaoss Pad 3 rumours

Lukatoyboy writes from Hungary Croatia: "A guy from the music store showed me the photo and technical details for the new Kaoss Pad which is out "end of september/october". There will be 4 pads [sample pads at the bottom, not four x-y pads], each with up to 13 seconds sampling, a usb port and SD slot for wav/aiff loading/saving. There's also new effects and presets, and the pad can display your programmed text messages. He say that the price will be around €400." Obviously I have no idea if it's true, but Kaoss Pads are cool - i.e Radiohead's 'Everything in its right place', and they're Brian Eno's favourite effects units.

it is true - i saw the photo of it, and i have specifications and press release printed. there's still one touch pad though, but i lie yr. illustration. 4 pads with samples are below, see the kp2 - there are 2.

ps i'm from serbia, and .hr is for croatia, where's hosted my blog.
Everything In Its Right Place was done by scrubbing waveforms on one ProTools session and recording into another. They only used the Kaoss pad to emulate this effect for their live show.
Maybe this one will have 1/4 inch outs and an SPDIF i/o...

Wouldn't that be covenient?
It is official. I just got the new FUTURE-MUSIC and there's a preview and a picture of it. Check out my track with the KaossPad2 used for the melody line here-
I was at a Muse show recently, and Matt Bellamy had an interesting guitar with a kaoss pad built into it. He made use of it throughout the show, to great effect. Here's some links:

Clip from MTV, with some random shredding:

Clip about the guitar itself, likewise:

it's on the Korg site now btw.

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