Fantastically geeky text-to-MIDI interface

Musicpad takes strings of text codes, and turns them into MIDI patterns. For example, iBD 4*8 | iSD (P/8 8)*8 | iCH 16*32 plays a simple drum pattern. Surprisingly short codes produce really complicated music - polyrhythms, randomised drum patterns etc. You can play the MIDI on your soundcard, or download the files for further jazzing. (Thanks, Taras)

That reminds me of a composition I did where I played my bari sax (it was closest to my voice) into Dragon Naturally Speaking (old voice to text program) and it spit out some very rhythmic gibberish that I fed into a voice synth. Somehow I came out with some long words like independence and Aurora:

"who the in the Peru who the room and who in the who do it who in and who move into Louis drew who will Peru Peru who them and and the Aurora"

"Him day into the end and a debt and and habitat independent and in and independent to pay and in a contained and then at the at habitat due to the who said it did at an and and that a defendant and a debt in the good said"
Whoah...very cool!!
iBD 4*8 | iSD (P/8 8)*8 | iCH 16*32 ???

Hurley's numbers??? Well ... almost :-)
Firstly I missed something because .cgi file is or how to run it Common Gateway Interface ? Visual Basic ?

The bigger question is how ever what I would really like is a software link to change my Roland Guitar synth

All I really would like to do is change Banks and so on quickly I have a touch screen app I use for something else that I can execute dos commands
I am hoping I can write 2000 ?? little scripts and run them from the buttons on the screen ? does this sound correct ?

( I can control it using Sonar so I understand enough to get it to listen to a specific midi channel )

OR maybe I am missing the fact this is already been done but I cant find it

Thanks for any help in advance Tony C.
Hey ! I'm glad someone noticed my little app :)
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