Essential T-Shirts for Laptop Musicians

For the grumpy laptop musician in your life... Fractal Spin's 'No, I am not checking my email, retard' t-shirt. For grumpy DJs, they also do 'This DJ takes requests' and who could live without 'I am totally incrementing this value with all my might'? Alternatively, there's this flashing monstrosity via Analog Industries.

Florian Schneider desperately needs one of those.

We still wouldn't believe him, though.
I would buy this T-Shirt if:

A) it also said: but I am downloading porn.

B) I actually used a laptop.
Very much to like me this group destinys child admirers and fans if you here let's be friends together
you cunty old assclown, stop it with your redirects.
Standing behind a laptop is not performance.

Musicians play an instrument. Atleast get a MIDI controller or 2 & play something.

Only sad c*nts like watching some guy who is behind his laptop, touching the screen to try & look busy.

F*ck softsynths & f*ck you pressing play & thinking that's gonna cut it.

Next dopey bastard I see on-stage doing nothing behind a Dell or Apple laptop will suffer immensely after I f*ck up his/her fence.
For ashamed "musicians" performing with laptops there should be a shirt that says:
"I'm checking my email right now"
( and downloading porn )
These are pretty excellent. My friend Liz is the brains behind fractalspin,and besides t-shirts she also makes excellent jewelry out of resistors, capacitors, etc.
I bought a capacitor necklace for my wife last christmas and she actually wears it out to fancy social engagements.

Also, Liz is an electronic musician and I believe she writes a lot of her songs by writing code. So suck it, laptop-haters.
verymuch like this cool t-shirts.they offer Unique Bridal T Shirts.
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