Andre Duracell: Drummer + Nord Modular G2 = Awesome!

Here's a fantastic, grainy clip of Andre Duracell playing in London last year, with more clips here and here (check out the guy stroking his chin, dancing a bit, then getting something in his eye...). Andre uses a drum kit with audio triggers going into a Nord Modular G2 rack, which fire off a load of sequences, letting him play video game soundtracks like Space Harrier. Sometimes, the G2 is played through a Marshall stack. There's a good Flickr set of a Duracell gig here, his MySpace page is here, and his home page is here.


Looks more like a micro modular.
Actually, Duracell uses a Clavia Micromodular, not a G2...

Excellent music and performances anyway ;)
Simply Smashing!
In the really old clips there's a micromodular. He now uses a G2 engine.

That's what he says, anyway:
Ahah, my bad.

I wasn't aware that he had updated his gear, he still had a micromodular earlier this year I think :)...
Saw this guy at Ashton Court in Bristol last year, playing just outside the Blackout tent - by far the highlight of the festival for me. Kind of like a one man Lightening Bolt.. And what a man.
The song he starts playing around 3:00 is a cover of Lightning Bolt's "Assassins."

Kind of nifty that he does it with technology, but I would much rather just see Lightning Bolt do it better. He even stole their "just set up on the floor and have people crowd around you" set-up.

Interesting but unrelated tidbit: Brian Gibson, Lightning Bolt's bassist, was part of the team that worked on the Guitar Hero game. Too bad they didn't stick in an LB song as a bonus round, that would be awesome.
Along similar lines is VFX (Tony Verderosa), who has a big hybrid drumkit with both acoustic and electronic drum pads. The electric drum pads are hooked up to sample and sequence triggers. He basically does realtime techno mixes.
Didn't expect to see Luis Guzmán in that crowd.
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