Big Trimpin with 60 purple metal horns

If you're in California before August 31, you might want to visit the Ojai Valley Museum, to see the Conloninpurple, 60 aluminium trumpets with midi-controlled solenoids whacking wooden blocks at the end of each. MT reader and supergeek Albert Behar helped set the thing up and recorded this mp3 of the thing in action. If you don't know Trimpin, then don't let his pretentious mono-name put you off. He an artist/musician who has invented many cool things, including "a gamelan whose iron bells are suspended in air by electronic magnets; a photo sensor prevents them from rising past a certain point, and since they don't touch anything, once rung they will sound with a phenomenally long decay."

Thats totally the coolest picture I have ever seen. I just moved from CA ... if I get back to that area, I will definitely check that place out!

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this is really smart. i would love to go and see this. alas, i'm like, a million miles away...
that particular audio clip, although the composition is a tad too 'jaunty' for me, i could hear a few zawinul-esque phrases.
this sort of thing really appeals to me - i feel a bit of googling for 'Trimpin' coming on. thanks tom!

The inventor is in high school and has gained awards and recognition already.
This is the difference between some wanker with a 303 "making beats" and a real artist. This kid has brains, discipline and drive that many so-called musicians just don't have.
To the poster above, it isn't the inventor (Trimpin) who is in High School, it is Albert Behar. I agree with the comment though...It takes a lot of discipline, dedication and creativity to be an artist in both the musical and visual realms.

Wish I were in CA so I could see this in person...Still can't quite wrap my head around the construction of the horns. Would have been nice to see some closer detail shots as well as more info on the electronics behind it.
Wow im mentioned on MusicThing. Sweet
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