At last! Stevie Wonder + Synclavier on the Cosby Show

Someone has finally posted a blurry VHS recording of Stevie Wonder demonstrating his Synclavier on the Cosby Show. It's a bit more scripted and toe-curling than Herbie Hancock on Sesame Street, but still great. (Thanks, Mark and Crnk Mnky)

Confession of extreme sadness: I used to watch the Cosby Show just for Lisa Bonet.

Another one residing in the where are they now file...
Confession: I used to watch sesame street for Count Tell and Cookie monster
I remember watching this when it first aired.

I was 6.

A Touch of Wonder
Episode Number: 42 Season Num:2
First Aired: Thursday February 20,1986
Prod Code: 0218
No speakers here at work, but I remember this episode very well. Theo says "Jamin on the one," and Rudy makes the sound of a giraffe. Stevie samples them and makes a little tune out of it. about theo's suit & tie...

freakin hip!

what ever happened to Sir Stevie Wonder?
I'm still in the business
^ That's great, Stevie. How long have you been a reader of Music Thing? Didn't know it was in brail.
Check out his latest video on his site. He's playin a Synclavier in the video.
This is great. The last time I saw this was when it aired originally. All I could remember was "Baby... B..B..Baby". This was the first time I saw a sampler. I think I was 8 or 9.
The linked video has been removed, but this one probably looks better anyway...
I wish I could remember what I did to deserve props...
You're welcome!
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