Wonderful Mellotron documentary from Radio 4

For this week only, Here is the direct link to listen to Mark Radcliffe's fantastic documentary about the Mellotron. You have to listen to Sandy Tosvig twittering for a little while, then it starts. If anyone has a mp3 hosted somewhere, I'd be happy to link to it. More Mellotron love here. (Thanks, David)

use the link

using that link you can skip the R4 preamble, as it will open in satan's own RealPlayer (or the realplayer alternative http://www.free-codecs.com/download/Real_Alternative.htm)
I don't know if it's allowed to host this on my space, but if you want the real file:

if this is not legal, please delete this post! I don't want the bbc squads to come over to me ;)
I listened to the programme when it was broadcast. Very good, although whoever chose the clip from 'The Musical Box' as an example of Tony Banks' early work with Genesis should be very embarassed - why choose a Hammond-heavy rock excerpt to illustrate a programme about Mellotrons, when something like the (completely Mellotron) intro to 'Watcher of the Skies' would have been much more suitable?
Peter Flint.
Oh sh*t. How embarrased should *I* be? I meant 'The Knife', but for some reason my fingers typed 'The Musical Box'. Perhaps I could get a job choosing tracks for BBC music documentaries?
Peter Flint (again).
what a great little documentary.
I´ve been searching for mellotron OR Mark OR Radcliff at the BBC-pages Radio4 but don´t find anything.
I´m very grateful that you saved this *.ra-file.
I´ve now made my own mp3-file of this program and also split it in three parts about 9 minutes each.

I thought I should get in contact with Mark och the producer Simon Jacobs to ask if it´s okay for a privateperson as me to keep this and maybe host it on my webpage. I´ll se if I find someone to ask...
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