USB Guitar: Now really, really small

Not much to say. It's a 256mb flash drive, shaped like a really ugly guitar. Comes with a very cute tiny guitar case and stand, and costs €55 from GeekStuff4U. (Thanks, Mikey)

Looks like a Teisco Del Rey!
Damnit! Why doesn't someone make a keyboard version so I can post it! : )
I like how they said that the 'guitar cannot be played'.
I'd hold out for the new Behringer one.
...and NONE of the Behringer guitars can be played....
...and they don't have 256 mb of memory either :)
No tremelo bar? Screw it - I'll wait for the Blue Man Group Sno-Cone maker.
...yeah I'm glad I read the small print there. "Guitar cannot be played." Phew. There was me about to blow €55 and all.
Note that it comes with a little case and stand. Imagine the joy of turning up to a meeting with this baby loaded with a PowerPoint presentation and a roadie to set it up for you!
That would be a very tiny roadie. As Steven Write said, "a midget dwarf. He's the guy that poses for bowling trophies."
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