Scratching on the beach!

Remember Rithie's slightly mad Scratchophone strap-on, self-contained, drum-shaped DJ rig? Well, he's still developing the thing, and has just posted this rather delightful video of someone scratching by the sea...

Does anyone know what the crossfader on this thing does? I'm really confused by it as the record player only has one source, but the guy still flips it like a thriteen year old watching cinemax on a thursday night. What is he Mixing?
Not exactly musical, is it?
That's actually neat. He's crossfading from nothing, just using it as a switch like most scratch DJs.

Here's QBert also scratching at the beach:
the fader is pretty noisey you can hear it rattle through that case
Well, he's obviously not using it as a cross fader, it's just a volume fader.
I want to see this in some marching band action
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